No Gray Area
I am helpless and vulnerable.
Caught between a lion sharpening his claws on my heart and soul
And a spider spinning a web to trap me in my pain.
I cannot escape over the rainbow for I am only painted in black and white
And would be easily noticed by the clouds and sun and sky.
I'm forced to choose between the web and the lion,
Endless torment or heartache,
Looped around end to end, "the catch-22", "the rock and the hard place".
The spot where change means being ripped to shreds or tied in knots.
I must decide.
Fixed in the middle I cannot remain,
With beauty and hope and colors and life as it has been or could have been.
Yet I can dream of the past and the skewed lines of the future and
Eternity does not mean forever.
The paths that seem so treacherous and gloomy
Could simply break apart in the last seconds of decision
And at least a gray area would appear.