A temporary savior

Could you do me one small favour?

Light the lamp and build the fire

(Come down to this party baby, come down to this arm)

If it could be once you could make it thrice

Lock me down, lift me higher

So don't go, don't leave, I'm prepared to receive

(Rescue me from oblivion)

A transfusion of life, restoration of sight

Renewal of faith, an escape from my fate

And I'll leap like a salmon, willingly do tricks

I'll roll over like the green eyed cat I am

(Just to feel again I'm still alive, to cement the ability to survive)

With claws that scratch and teeth that bite

It's not about my soul tonight

Translucence, shaking, trembling,


(Oh god, I'm too old for this)

Not ready yet…

Yeah I know it's a bit weird. I wrote it last night somewhere between 2 and 3am after an extraordinarily clear and vivid dream. But I woke and it was there so I thought I'd write it down.