Honoring the request of BABYPIG for an author's note on this story:

This story is purely fiction, which in some ways I'm very glad of. But one of my close friends is a guy and while we've only known each other for a few years, I have sometimes wondered what would happen if we had a further relationship.

In my experience, the best kind of love is the kind that is based on what's inside. The kind between two people who don't care what others think, simply that they are together. That's the kind of love I tried to make for Khyn and Tyl. They had known each other for so long before falling in love that they were really in love with the person inside one another. Not the looks or what was on the outside.

As for the ending of this story (I won't mention what happens in case you haven't read it yet), I woke up in the middle of the night not long after the story thinking 'what if...' The end of the story was written then and there, that night, before I'd even written out Khyn's proclamation of love for Tyl.

About the charaters, Khyn is a lot like myself. Imaginative, thoughtful, and always trying to look past the obvious. Tyl is very much like one of my best friends: still thoughtful, but trying to find meanings in what is written out for the her to know. Mandi-Anh, Tyl's sister, is like one of my distant friends who mostly just liked me because she had a crush on my brother.

This story is my dream. I want a romance like Tyl and Khyn's. I want to love and to be loved so deeply that nothing else matters. Of course, I wouldn't want the ending to come true. ;-)

I hope this satisfies any questions you readers had. If not, feel free to e-mail questions or comments to me.