It all ended before it began. Bodies were mingled with flesh as each had tried to unsuccessfully redeem their freedom and their innocence. It was a war from hell, where everyone looked out for number one.

Roland, Gabriel and I had been prepared for this battle, but still we were inadequate. Gabriel had his signature gun with a bow, along with a wooden stake; I held a simple gun, while Roland was himself a weapon. All of us walked towards the entrance of the three towered, abandoned factory, where Roland had explained was the main base. It was also the place where the two murderers of my mother sat. Only Roland had been allowed in, however, because of Gabriel's many talents, we were able to hide behind a curtain where we could watch everything.

Miss Becky, who was actually known as the vicious Elizabeth, purred as Roland walked in. In ancient Egypt, Elizabeth had been Sekhmet was considered the goddess of war and sickness. In my opinion, she still was, not only the goddess of sickness, but of immorality, and of injustice.

Roland stood there, his legs braced apart and an incredulous expression on his face. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he looked invincible.

I felt a cheer inside me, GO ROLAND!

They began talking in a different language, I think in Latin, and as I poked Gabriel to let him know I did not understand, he glared at me, and motioned for me to stay quiet. I started using my barely remembered Latin from a long time ago to understand what was going on. I began to understand what was happening.

"So, you're here to join us, Roland?" Elizabeth asked, biting her lips, her fangs very evident. She didn't look like friendly secretary anymore. Rather, she looked exotic, with her red, curly hair hanging down her neck and her pale skin seemingly more pale. What would have held me in a trance were her beautiful green eyes. I had always thought she had a particular color of eyes. Now they looked like marbles.

"To be sure, I have yet to decide," Roland's voice boomed. "To save humans or to kill you…"

Chuckling, Elizabeth reached out and touched Luis's hair, while Luis licked her victim's neck, murmuring, "My baby, and my sweetie. My only."

I felt the hair on my arm raise erect as I heard her child-like voice singing to her victim. I reached for the gun, held and stood in position. Gabriel stopped me, shaking his head as he waiting for the drama to unfold.

"I know why you're still living," Luis hissed, then licked her lips, "You want your revenge, gained your love, used your trust, killed your sister, and killed your family. Do you know what your father's last words were? Did you know that your mother begged us not to kill your three-month brother? Oh, how she begged!"

Roland's change was swift in merely a second he had changed his controlled, calm expression to one of hate, his fangs jutting out sharply, and his hazel eyes glowed eerily. His face, normally pale, paled even more, until I thought it was the color of white paint.

I did not gasp.

I did not scream.

I looked away, as the vampires hissed and suddenly attacked. Then came in the guard to protect their mistresses, and with the guards occupied with trying to protect, prisoners saw the opportunity to run, as well as take revenge.

Gabriel nodded at me, just as I saw a human slave stab a vampire. I took out my gun, and aimed just as how Gabriel had taught me not a few hours ago.

"Stay close to me," Gabriel said not waiting for my nod. I nodded anyway, running behind him, looking at the chaos we had started. We freed each of the prisoners, hearing swear words and praises, as if we were angels sent from God.

When the last was free, Gabriel nodded behind me, and I turned to see Roland just as he gave an inhuman scream and bit into his maker.

I looked away quickly, feeling disgusted, but mingling with it, or rather the stronger the feeling was of pride, support, and of relief. At least one of my mother's murderers was dead.

Roland walked up behind me, placed his hand on my back and looked into my eyes. I knew he was asking for my understanding, and with a hesitant smile, a quick nod, I gave it to him.

"We should go now," Gabriel said his voice serious, "The kingdom will kill of itself."

Seeing our nods, Roland quickly took the lead with Gabriel behind me. Just as I saw the moonlight filling the doorway, and as I was about to reach it, someone grabbed my wrist, and before I knew it, I was standing face to face with Miss Becky, her eyes squinted in fury, and her fangs reached her chin. Her white hair blew behind her and she looked…


As she gave her furious scream, I felt the urge to duck away from the anger I saw in her eyes. I knew at that moment that I would have met my end…

If it hadn't been for Roland standing behind her, taking out the stake from her ashened body. Gabriel had his gun pointed to where Elizabeth's heart, and would have shot Roland, if he hadn't stopped in time. My savior.

Keeping my panic under control, I gave both of them a nod, and we ran the hell out of there.

It was in time too, since by then everyone had left, and the castle suddenly exploded.

Gabriel smirked the entire way, seeing my confused expression.

After the fight

It was almost dawn now. We had almost arrived at Gabriel's base, where we would all be treated for whatever injuries. Roland had been unusually quiet, and Gabriel unusually talkative. I knew something was about to happen, but what happened was the biggest shock of my life.

Because as soon as that sun rose, I would loose the knight in shining armor who had rescued me twice, once against myself and once against Elizabeth. And on that dawn, I would realize that life truly does go on.

"Park over here," Roland said, since Gabriel was driving.

Gabriel turned to look over at him, and tightly nodded, "It's time."

"What are you talking about? What's happening?" I asked, waking up. Instead of replying, Roland opened the door and stepped out. Gabriel followed his suit and I found myself standing exactly where my mother had died.

Turning my quizzical gaze to Roland, I saw him briefly hug Gabriel, and heard him say, "You take care of her, you hear?"

Gabriel nodded, and I could have sworn that I saw tears in his eyes.

Roland turned to me, a sad smile. I was still confused. Hadn't we won? Was Elizabeth coming back? Was Luis not dead?

"Come here, Gia," Roland said, and I raced into his arms. He held me tightly and for some reason, I began to weep.

"I want you to have this," Roland said, handing me a ring that he always wore but I never had the time to look at, "It's ruby. The stone of fire."

I was still confused.

"This…stone means much to me. It was an heirloom in my family and could easily cost thirty million dollars. Its importance doesn't lie only on its historical view, but without it, I will be no more…"

I will be no more…


"Why?" I said instead, and held onto his jacket. I suddenly felt that I was loosing everything, my mother, my family, my one true love.

"For as long as I have lived I have tried in different ways to either capture Luis or kill her. She was always a step ahead of me and by joining her maker, she became very powerful. Gia, she was the woman responsible to kill of my entire family. You felt horrible after the death of your mother, imagine your entire family dead. The guilt, the regret, but most important of all, vengeance."

"No," I said instead, "Revenge…revenge was never what I felt."

He wiped away a tear, "Liar."

I pushed his hair away from his face then looked up at him, "You got your revenge. What now?"

"I want peace, and I know of one way to get it," as I shook my head, Roland stilled me by placing his hands gently on my chin, "Listen to me. I have lived too long, I have seen too much. When I sleep, I see poverty, hate, and injustice. When I am awake, I see poverty, hate and injustice."

"Please, stay with me," I whispered instead, and kissed him. "I love you."

Roland took a deep breath as well, and said, "I love you, too. Understand this, whatever form I will be in my next life, I will wait for you. In the next life, you will be mine, and we will live with love and peace."

"Love and peace," I muttered back, pulling away. His gaze begged for my understanding, and as I saw the first ray of sun shine, I nodded quickly and placed his ring on my middle finger.

"Before you go, what was your whole name?" I asked desperately, holding his hand, touching his face, memorizing the features of his face, the way his eyes reflected the emotions he felt.

"Roland Vaserelli."

I felt in my tongue, as I repeated and smiled at him. His gaze was filled with wonder, regret, love, peace, but at the end…just as he blew away in the wind…I saw a different emotion flicker in his eyes.

The emotion was…

"Bliss," I said to Gabriel two weeks later, who was sitting in front of the computer making a new profile for me. He was currently asking what name I would go by.

By now, I had not only become a professional "bad" vampire hunter, but also a werewolf hunter and a witch advisor. On top of it, I still kept in contact with my father, but only through pay phones where no one would be able to trace where I was. I disappeared, according to the locals, simply into thin air.

Gabriel and I had reached a level of platonic friendship, and I was surprised at how supportive he had been when I was getting over Roland. Still, the look in his eyes just as he disappeared was stoned into my memory, and I knew by naming myself Bliss Vaserelli I was doing the right thing.

"My name, from now on, will be Bliss Vaserelli," I said, fingering my ring. Eerily, it began to glow and I knew in my heart, that somewhere Roland had heard and was deeply touched.

The End

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