Author's Note: I wrote this essay as a final in my English class. I got a 90 out of 100. What do you guys think about it?


During the past year I have experienced lots of different things and they have changed my personality. My friends, my writing, and even being at Juanita High School have added on to my personality.

One thing that has shaped my personality this year were all of my friends, both old and new. I've gotten to know my old friends from Finn Hill Jr. High better than before. I have evan gotten to know my new friends as well. It's as if I have known them all my life.

Another thing that has contributed to my personality is my writing. Lots of things have been going on this year and without my writing I don't think I could ever keep my sanity for maore than an hour. I'm glad that I have at least something to help me sort out all the crazy things in my life. Even though I've neglected it a little I know that I can always count on it.

Lastley, just being a tenth grader at Juanita High School has altered my ever chaning personailty. I have all these classes to help me out in the world even though I might not use some of them. I can save these skills for the futre since they are good to have.

I believe that all of thse things have added to my personality for the better. They have made me a better person and they have made me see that I can prosper and florish at anything I want.