It was the beginning of a long weekend. No school for three days. Great! I had plans to kick back and relax and sleep late. But hen something happened totally unexpectedly.

My friend called me and then she came over to my house and asked me to go and play near the creek. I had never done that before but I'm willing to try new things. So my friend and I started on our little trip to the Creek. Little did we suspect that we were about to get in a lot of trouble. At the Creek we found a time machine. How interesting is that? I guess some inventor left it there carelessly.

Next thing I knew the police were at my house asking me and my friend some questions. How was I supposed to know that playing with a time machine was dangerous? My friend pleaded innocence from the start. She told the police that she had a brain disorder. But I really didn't believe her and neither did the police. They decided to take us into the police station.

Then something strange happened. A portal opened up and we both stepped through it. We were in another time slot. We tried to find the time machine so we could go back to our normal lives but we couldn't find it so quickly. There were a lot of trees where we were. It had to be a long time ago. We looked through the bushes and there was the time machine. We stepped in it and went back through time and we were back home before the incident occurred. She went home and so did i.

I'll never forget that strange weekend. It was one of the most interesting weekends I've ever had. Now if they would just cancel school on Monday so I can rest up from my adventure.