i'm feeling subliminal feelings of stealing and killing
spilling innocent blood so villinous venom can flood
and bring millions of peaceful civilians leaping tall buildings,
peeling brains off the windows and ceilings
cause they're hearing my lyrics but don't ever wanna hear it
fear it and vear it, yet feel it and recognize it's the realest
believe and can see it's the shit
make you really wanna scream and profess in it's greatness
i make you escape your fake play world and relate to reality
make you face what you hate and take away your name as a child of peace
i'm speaking out loud and free,
i'm proud to be allowed my own personality,
spoutin out individuality from the highest mountain peaks
i am me, i won't change even a bit
you don't like me or have a problem with my conduct?
tough shit little bitch i don't live to fit in to your sick twisted world of pretend