Chapter 11

The girl was able to mount the horse surprisingly fast, but Adondra was in far too much of a rush to think about it, and so mounted, and followed the pointing finger of her guide without another thought.
After a few minutes of riding at full speed, the pair come upon the king, and stop a few feet from their adversary. He continued to rummage through the undergrowth with a spear poised to kill, not heeding the presence of two girls he shrugged off as inexperienced novices. Adondra dismounted, feeling a rage and a power rise in her blood, making it boil and pop. The girl steered the horse to a safe distance away.
The power that had filled Adondra came out full force in her voice, "Lift your head and face me, you wretch" The king froze, still facing the ground. "How dare you chase after a defenseless, weak old women, just to finish off another life. What a contemptible thing to do. Come; earn your right to her through me. Beat me, then continue your search undisturbed, and depart yet another soul from this world."
Scared for the first time in his life, King Charles swallows hard, and musters all the courage he has to put on a malignant smile and calm the shaking of his hands. "When one addresses me" he drags out, to keep his voice from faltering, "one addresses me as King Charles you pompous brat. And are you sure you will face me? Your life is sure to end, and all that it will bring about is my own enjoyment."
"You are afraid. I hear it in your voice that you try so hard to mask. But I know you will not turn down your sword, so come at me now" They both unsheathe their swords, and Charles comes at her and makes the first move, and then the battle begins. Adondra's graceful and experienced movements throw off all of his very heavy and unskilled movements, and soon she gains control of the fight, and all he can do is try vainly to block her sword, until it finds it's home in his throat.
Adondra collapses in a dead faint as the power leaves her body, along with the blood from the deep gash on her shoulder. The girl comes out from her hiding place and kneels next to Adondra. She rips her clothes and hastily binds the wound. She walks up to Charles, rips the sword from his neck, wipes the blood off, and re-sheathes it. The elderly queen stumbles into sight through the trees, and sees the girl, and runs to her. They both mount King Charles' horse, while Adondra awakens and mounts her own, and they all ride back to the chapel.