Sonnets of the Seasons: SPRING SYMPHONY

Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in
the Spring when it is gone.
-Roy R. Gilson

Oh joy of joys! Come hath Spring of renown!
The ancient oaks begin their solemn dance.
The trees are cloaked in rich, emerald gowns,
Which trail to the ground, swishing as they prance.
Blooms of all sizes blossom in a throng,
Bursting into full splendour, singing praise.
A lark croons, singing its merry, sweet song.
And out steps Queen Spring strolling with deep grace.
Behold her charm and poise and elegance!
Like eddying pools, her mesmerizing eyes
Sparkle as she graces with her presence,
A dazzling sight amid the breeze's soft sighs,
Her smile widening in the highest bliss,
She graces each blossom with a small kiss.