Title: Speak like a child

Author: BoarderKC

The cries of a child echoed through the vast halls of the castle, announcing the birth of the new addition. The mother, petite and perspiring, lay in a great bed of silks, resting from the strenuous birth of her first child. Her tired eyes gazed upon her husband who held their newborn daughter in his big arms.

He lifted his head and searched the room, his eyes falling upon a blonde boy standing by the door with a bored expression on his long face. "Valen, come here," the man beckoned. Valen approached, sourly suspicious of the new child, his new half sister. "This is your sister." His father moved the soft blanket away from the baby's face and Valen's eyes met a pink chubby face.

He scrunched his nose. "She's ugly." His father gave a mighty laugh and his stepmother's eyes twinkled in amusement.

"Lord," she whispered from bed and he looked to her. "What shall you name her?"

"Myanya," he answered proudly without a thought. "Little Anya."

"May I see her?" He looked sadden, releasing the dainty child into the arms of her mother, but his heart leapt at the picture of his beautiful maiden holding their child. "My little Anya." She drew her fingers through the light red tuff of hair on top of her head. "You'll be beautiful."

Valen's stomach turned at the sight. The child was ugly and a bastard in his mind. He seethed watching his father so enthralled by the whore he called his wife and their baby that only sealed their marriage. This was the moment he had been dreading for so long.

If his father expected him to be respectful and loving, that man had another thing coming.

Okay, prologue's outta the way, so it'll get good now. Probably. This is my first long story post so be kind. Don't flame. Constructive criticism is accepted and greatly appreciated, but if I get something that just says 'This sux' I'm kicking some major major ass!

Title will change once I think of something better, got a suggestion?