Authors Notes: - Ok people, this is the time when you tell me where you want me to beef stuff up! Or explain something that didn't make all that sense or ask me to elaborate on a character. Thanks for reading this!

The night sky was pleasantly clear, but a few clouds drifted overhead. The remnants of a brief storm that had marred the morning. It was nice out but I wasn't happy to be out. My car was in the shop, I'd gotten it towed this morning. They'd called me around lunch time and reported that it needed a whole new engine. I didn't have the money for a new car, let alone a new engine. At least things were calming down and hopefully I wouldn't have to worry about anything supernatural for a while. That is hoping that my teacher doesn't turn out to want my soul.

I arrived at my apartment building and walked inside. Reflexively I headed for the stairs but noticed a note on the door. It said: 'elevator fixed'. I chuckled and walked to the elevator and pushed the button. The doors instantly slid open and I stepped inside and pushed my floor's button. It was nice not having to climb a bunch of stairs after having to walk most of the way home. Riding the bus to and from work was already getting on my nerves and I'd only just started. I spent the whole trip to work on the bus but on the way home I had to get off. The smell from the transients had giving me a splitting headache and I still felt ill.

The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. I stepped out and saw and interesting sight on my doorstep. Nyoki was sitting against my door reading a fashion magazine. Seeing a vampire reading a magazine, let alone one about fashion, amused me for some reason. She looked as classy and lovely as ever. Today she was wearing another slip dress, but this one was midnight black with lace trimmings. The front plunged downward, exposing a dangerous amount of breast and revealing she wasn't wearing a bra. I enjoyed the view for a few moments before she realized I was there.

She lifted her head and smiled at me warmly. I couldn't help but smile back. As much as I bitched about not wanting anything supernatural to happy I was happy to see her and really couldn't bring myself to care that she was a vampire.

"Hey Nyoki." I said walking towards her.

"Hey Richard." She said standing up and tucking the magazine under one arm.

"What brings you to my hell hole- I mean, humble abode?" I asked playfully, stepping up to my door and unlocking it.

"I thought I might as well pay you a visit..." Nyoki smiled at me slyly and watched me walk into my apartment, but didn't follow.

I hung my coat and hat up then motioned her in. "Come on in, you're always welcome here."

"Thank you." She stepped inside and looked at the carpet and frowned. "You really need to replace the carpet."

I looked down as well. "Yeah, I know. I can't afford it at the moment though."

"Oh..." She looked slightly embarrassed. I walked into the kitchen and found my bottle of vodka was empty. There was plenty of carbonated water though.

Nyoki watched me silently, the smile slowly returning to her lips. I glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Nothing." She smirked.

"There has to be something." I commented, walking past her into my bedroom.

"How are you doing Richard...?" She abruptly asked, her smirk gone.

I eyed her for a moment then sighed. "I'm perfectly fine."

"You just seemed a little shaken up last I saw you." I followed me over to the bed and sat down.

Sitting down as well I removed my shoes, focusing my gaze on them. "Last we saw each other I'd just shot a Sidhe who then started rotting before my eyes. And if I remember correctly you were a little shook up yourself."

"True... that was a very disturbing sight." Nyoki shivered.

"So I'm doing fine now. I'm dealing with the fact that my life will never be the same again." I shrugged and pushed my boots aside.

"I'm sorry..."

"Sorry about what?" I glanced at her. "I'm happy to know. It's nice not being so ignorant."

She leaned over and touched my neck. "The bruise is almost completely gone."

"That's ok, I've got new one's to replace it." I smirked and pulled off my shirt. She looked down at my chest and flinched.

"That's from Neil right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, having a fully shifted wererat slam into you will do this to you."

The bruises on my chest started at the lower edge of my ribcage and spread all the way up to the top of my sternum. It wasn't one big bruise but more so a large collection of smaller ones. It was much the same on my back, at least I'd guess from the way it felt. She traced her fingers very lightly over the edge of the bruises. Her touch was so light I could barely feel it. It wasn't even a tickle.

"You busy Sunday night?" I asked, smirking down at her.

She glanced up at me and smirked back. "No, why?"

"Well... I can't really take you out for dinner but maybe we can see a movie or something." I shrugged.

"Asking me out on a date?"

"More so asking to spend time in your company." I grinned at her.

"You're oddly charming." Nyoki chuckled and rolled her eyes.

"I get that a lot."

"I'm sure you do." She stood up and walked towards the front door. "I'll be here shortly after sunset. See you then." Nyoki blew me a kiss then left.

I slumped down onto my back and hissed in pain. Neil felt back about hurting me but it wasn't like it was his fault. No matter how many times I'd told him that it didn't stop him from apologizing again. In less than a month I went from having two friends to having more than half a dozen. I doubted that most of them would consider me that close of a friend but after what we'd been through I felt comforted by the fact I had plenty of people who were willing to back me up.

It had been strange seeing Karen again, let alone founding out she was a werewolf. It did explain why she was such an animal in the sack. I couldn't help but wonder if she had a new boyfriend. A pretty lady like herself couldn't stay single for long, but I'd gotten no indication from her that there was anybody. I shook my head and tried to stop thinking about her. She wasn't very happy with me, and in some ways I didn't blame her. I doubted we'd be getting back together anytime soon.

I sighed and got back up, undressed and turned out all the lights. My apartment was pitch black once the lights were out. It was defiantly the kind of place a vampire would be safe. I climbed into bed and lay on my side. Normally I slept on my back but for the time being I had to get used to this. I sighed and started blindly into the darkness. Despite everything, I felt relieved, even happy. Things would never be the same again but I was starting to think that was a good thing. Especially the part about Nyoki.

The End