by R.C. Carpenter

One minute
You're mine
You love me
I'm lying in my bed
Comfortably curled against you
My hand wrapped protectively over your chest
I can hear your breathing
You're happy that you're here
With me
Half naked and half asleep

The next minute
You have to go
You're leaving
Your mother wants you home
And I'm sitting up on my bed
Wondering why you have to leave at all
I can understand her need to have you
But you hate the long drive
Back home
When you're half asleep and cold

Stay a minute more
One more lingering hug
One more kiss to your forehead
Let me run my hands under your shirt
And feel the warmth you hide there
One more minute
Just put me to bed
So I fall asleep with you beside me
Then waking up without you
Won't seem so bad and I won't feel quite as

The next morning
You're still beside me
You called your mother in the night
To tell her that you'll head out the next morning
I hold you closer now
Simply because you're there and I can
You say you've been tempted, bewitched,
But you smile with your words and
Kiss me
I know that you like waking up beside me
Half naked and completely warm