Everything inside of me

(Crazy, crazy)

Every little bit of irony

(Biting down)



Shut blind eyes as I cry

Close deaf ears to my prayers

I walk my mind

I see an open dream

Wonder where the time went

Wonder where the world goes

I break down

I break hopes

I break up and I walk these paths alone

Everything inside of us

(Hating, hating)

Every school yard fight

(Premonition's fading)



Throw your scorn at the torn

Kill the meek in your wake

I wake to a new world

I see a broken dream

Why did all the light go

When freedom pealed away

Run from yourself

Run from your family

Run from all the talks that say you don't need to be

You don't need to be

(Anything but mindless)

Take your orders like a man

(Stand up and obey)

Promises are a new day

A new day

Promises are a new way

Of killing off ourselves