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"What?" Ned asked, startled as he glanced down at his book. "Oh, wow." Their two books were melting, in a way, and seemed to be pulling towards each other. As if mesmerized, Sapphire and Ned reached out their arms and the books connected.

The two books merged into one, identical to each of the two former copies, but twice as thick. The new book soon became too hot to handle, and as Sapphire and Ned dropped it onto the grass, the book fell open and its pages turned in the windless night to the first page, where a silvery script began to appear in a mysterious language:

Shasta, Shenah, Gleg, Yoxnez Moo fo vellimos, ty moo pawon sha Te sha mandamo, li nuta moo groll Hepo traynez, mempalle sha yalo Moo yelduts hornahaa leyrin yinu fo Gah moo unerwa ty marlo yinu unbalo Moo dulsmin sha mente ty yinu jula yaxtam Moo azyb sha pune: meelu hia pantaz

Beneath it, in a violet script, a translation was written out by an unseen hand: Earth, Air, Water, Fire The four demons, of the forces that be Three have been killed, but not the last Unless destroyed, humanity is lost An ancient evil created these four From the depths of darkness they sprung The time has come for their rule or death The choice is yours: surrender or fight

Sapphire looked up slowly, and her sparkling blue eyes met with Ned's penetrating green ones. "Wow," she breathed, finding she couldn't look away. "Yeah," Ned muttered, unable to break the connection between them. "It's really weird."

Several minutes passed before Sapphire finally wrenched her eyes away from his. "I have to get home," she said, with a sigh. "Yeah, me too." Ned added regretfully, turning away. "Ned - wait!" Sapphire said, turning him around to face her again. "What's your phone number in case something happens?"

" Oh. Right." Ned said scribbling something down on a scrap of paper. "Here you are. I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Okay." Sapphire replied, putting the precious scrap in her pocket and starting her journey home, her book bag bumping against her leg as a constant reminder of what had just happened.

Sapphire crossed her lush, green, lawn pulling out her key to the front door. "Right then," she muttered, fitting the key in the lock and pushing the front door open. "Mom! I'm home!"

"All right dear, dinner is in just a few minutes"

"Ok! Thanks Mom," she yelled taking the stairs two at a time before dumping her book bag unceremoniously on her floor and flopping on her orange and red rose bedspread.

"Today was the best ever," she sighed. "But I probably should take better care of this, she added crossing to her book bag and carefully withdrawing the thick magical book.

She placed it lovingly on her night stand next to her clear blue phone and journal, her two most beloved possessions.

"I suppose I should go down to dinner," Sapphire murmured. The rest of the day went by as a blur.

The fire surrounded her and chanting filled the air, becoming louder and louder. Harsh, individual sounds swirled together to form a tuneless melody which was filling with more power each second. The orange flames flickered hungrily, rising and burning away the night as they seemed to close in. She turned around frantically, but all exits were cut off. Nothing could be seen but flashes of orange and yellow, and the chanting had risen to a volume that drowned out all other sound.

With a gasp, Sapphire opened her eyes. She was safe in her room and it had only been a dream. But it was a continuation of her recurring childhood nightmare. It was getting more vivid each time it happened, and this was the farthest it had ever gone. Sapphire rolled over and looked at the clock, which read 5:37AM. She reached out with still trembling hands to pick up the phone and call Ned.

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