Hallo! This is my first original fiction :D Hope you likes!

The tension in the room was more than they could bear. The young master, sitting in the corner, shifted in the tall burgandy chair, as the older master's whispered over what to do.

Richard, the youngest one, stood up finally and entwined his fingers together behind him.

"I do not understand..What do you mean when you say the 'chosen one' is lost outside of our world?" His voice was soft, but still loud, as he spoke over their hushed whispers.

The Head Master, Artemis, stood as Richard sat down. He turned his grey eyes to all of the council, his grey beard hanging to his waist.

"15 years ago, there was an accident in the Northern Realm..A wizard, power hungry and evil, was banished from the kingdom by the most unsuspected person. A baby. Her parent's were great wizards and she was there only born child..." He trailed off, making the other's raise their eyebrows confusedly.

"What do you mean...she 'was' there only born child."

"Well, it means, they only had one child.."

"No no no! That's not he means Ditimus.." Artemis waved his hand in the air, and turned his eyes back to Richard.

"It means, SHE was the chosen one, and with all of his hatred and jealousy for her powers, the wizard, Orthius snuck into the palace and stole her! He was so furious with her powers when she was only 2 years of age, that he sent her to another world...That is why Ditimus and I have summoned you here today...We have to bring her back.." He sat down as the masters began talking over each other.

"Why?" Young Richard asked, out of curiosity.

"I'm glad you asked. Orthius and his son have been stirring up trouble in the East. They have taken over some cities and we're all sure they won't stop there.. We must get Lady Josephine Blackwing for only she has the power to stop this evilness dead in it's tracks..Now, who wishes to take this task?"...

Grover High School.

In front of the old building, about 200 students were enjoying the morning before school. Some were seated on the grass, other's standing on the stairs, and other's were scattered about. Everyone of them were either walking, talking, or standing around, waiting for the bell to ring. All except one student.

Joey Black made her way through the shadow's of the trees. Her head was hung low, letting only her jet black hair be seen by the other kids. She snarled as she passed the jocks, throwing footballs back and forth.

"Hey! It's a month till Halloween, why are you dressed like a witch?" One of them said, making his buddies laugh as they mocked her.

She raised her pale face to them and hissed like a cat. Mentally, she remembered the guys name.

'I'll see you on my hit list Mr. Max Dawson.' She thought with a snicker as she walked into the double doors and passed the office to her locker.

Joey smiled at the black interior and grabbed her binder with grafitti plastered to the front before heading off to the classroom.

~~ "Can I help you?" A small, round woman said to Richard from behind the desk. "Uhm..Yes, I am new here."

"Oh, well, in that case, I need you to fill out these papers and I need a copy of your transfer papers from your last school."

He handed her the fake transfer papers and took the clip board she handed him. As soon as he sat down to fill them out, a girl passed by the window, making Richard turn and look.

She was dressed in a long black skirt, a black tanktop and a pair of combat boots with a black long trench coat to match. Her eyes lifted up slightly and he caught a glimpse of deep violet pools before she lowered her head again and was gone.

~~ I scribbled a note to myself before the bell rang, signaling the start of school. More student's poured into the classroom, fighting their way to their seat to not be tardy.

The nerds sat up front, the bubbly blonde cheerleaders all sat in a row while the jocks sat in the back. For me, I sat on the last row, last seat next to the windows.

Our teacher, Mrs. Oakman, stood up at the front of the class and opened her mouth to speak, just to be interupted by the door opening. Principal Simpson walked in with a boy behind him. I looked only long enough to see him wearing a shirt sleeved orange shirt and a pair of black pants, sort of baggy.

I lost interest after that and went back to my note, leaving one ear open to hear what the principal had to say. "His name is Richard Lindemann."

I looked up again to see the guy walking down the row and sit right in front of me. His hair was black and it was gelled to stand up a few inches off of his head.

He wasn't bad looking, but as soon as I start to like him, he'll become one of them and I'll never have a chance. I smiled and folded my note, sticking it in my coat pocket before laying my head down on the desk to sleep.

Occasionaly I felt a wad of paper it me on the back of my head, but I ignored it and kept staring at the tan fake wood of the desk. Ignoring them helped me get through my day. And soon, I did get through it. Finally it was 7th period.

Today had been boring. Except for lunch. I was sitting at my usual table, alone when I just happened to look up from my notebook and see the new kid, Richard, staring at me from the 'prep' table. For a few minutes we just stared at each other until he broke away and stood up quickly, running outside.

And no matter how much I thought it to be rediculous, for the rest of the day, I continued to think about those few moments, wondering if he thought I was...someone.

I tapped my black fingernails on the desk lightly and rested my pale cheek against my hand. A second later, the bell rang and I stood up slowly, gathering my binders and books in my arms before walking to my locker.

Of course, there was the usual note with 'weirdo' written and taped to my locker. I rolled my eyes, crumpled the paper up and threw it behind me. 'How cliche..' I told myself, throwing all but one binder in my dark black locker.

With a sigh, I turned around and slammed right into the new kid. He didn't say a word, just stared at me like in lunch. He almost looked like he was trying to remember my face, studying it for a long time.

I threw him a glare and walked passed him, looking back once to see him still looking at me walk away. 'Geez...what a basket case.' ~~~