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Chapter 19: Sealed

I could barely breathe. I barely had an idea of who I was, and I certainly did not know how to be queen of a world I had never seen before. My love, Orthius, promised me I would be very comfortable here. And I believe him. He is after all, my only love.

I turned and looked over my bare shoulder, smiling as I saw him gazing at me. "Yes, my Lord?" He smirked and pulled me to him with a wave of his hand. I felt myself floating, hovering right over the ground as he called for me. I felt a shock of power course through me until I was at his feet. My arms rested on his knees as he put his hands on my jaws, lifting my head to see his eyes. "Josephine..."

"Yes, my Lord.." I blinked gently and smiled up at him.

"Your decision...it must be sealed.." I dropped my eyes to his thigh, knowing what he meant. I feared he would be un-satisfied with my love. And I did not want to make my only love, dissatisfied. 'But, my love..'

I looked up into his face, speaking through his mind. 'Josephine..We are partially one being. Why not join me and conform completely. We can rule under the same powers. You share mine, I share yours. You are all I have ever wanted..' I stood up and leaned down, answering him with a kiss, before standing.

'I will do anything you wish, Orthius. I am yours..and you are mine as you have said. I will join my powers with yours.' We both stood, pressing against each other as we stole another passionate kiss from each other. I opened my eyes seconds later, seeing our sleeping chamber around us. Orthius took my wrists, pulling me toward the bed that stood on a platform. Red silk and black velvet surrounded me as I fell against the cool sheets on the mattress.

I sighed, contently, while my Lord pressed his cool lips to my skin, freezing it as he went. He unlaced my corset, sending it to the ground, in a heap. "My love.." He whispered, raising his face to my own, kissing my lips. He rose over me, pressing himself into my hips. My heart began to race as he untied the silk keeping my skirt on. It too fell to the floor, joining my top.

With every beat of my racing pulse, the walls vibrated, the sky turned to night, and Orthius never paused. I spread my legs open, writhing in pain as he slid into me. I could hear my heartbeat echoing through the castle. My breath shortened, and my love never ceased in his rythm. Slow and steady at first, breaking me out of my fear and doubt. But soon after the walls stopped vibrated, he sped to a faster pace. My head fell back agianst the bed as I absorbed the feeling of Orthius inside me.

Lightening struck. Not outside, but in the chamber, right above the bed. I could hear whispered moans, sounding from Orthius' lips, but instead, they swarmed in my mind. I griped his hand as hard as I could, lacing my fingers in his.

Thousands of images filled my mind. Images of death, blood, destrustion, and yet, images of life were also playing. A child being born, it's mother, and happiness, it was all there, swimming with the bad things.

I concentrated on Orthius. His face, breaking into a slow sweat, and the look of pain on his face. He leaned down, pressing his face against my neck, kissing it gently. I gasped for breath. The sensations, images, feelings, and power was more than I could bare. And as soon as I felt my skin on my neck being periced, I screamed out in pain.

My mouth watered, and my body felt empty. With another thrust into me, Orthius rose up sharply, reavealing his blood covered mouth. "Take my blood, Josephine.." He managed to moan. I leaned up, feeling myself tighten around him. My mouth opened and I quickly sunk my teeth into my skin. As I did so, I felt my memory being opened slightly, and one single word stood out. Vampire!

My eyes opened slowly and a man stood behind Orthius. His red eyes gleaming at me with hate, anger, and love. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, opening them again, seeing nothing this time. I seperated from his neck, screaming out at this point I had reached.

I felt high, exhausted, and wonderful at the same time. My voice left my lips, echoing into the night as Orthius too screamed, pushing into me with his final amount of energy. I shook as he thrust once, and then twice, before collapsing ontop of me.

There was a tingle in my body. Behind my rib cage, as if something was being pulled from it. I felt dizzy, and the room spun around me. I felt Orthius wince ontop of me, grabbing his head in his hands as I held onto my stomach. We both screamed painfully, holding onto each other as our souls were being ripped from us. An awful howling sound was heard, and I managed to open my eyes. Wind spiraled around us as bolts of lightening surrounded the castle, in their non-stop dance.

Dark clouds twisted above the bed, and infront of my eyes. It swirled like a vortex, making my head spin. I shut my eyes and felt all the energy coursing back into my body, causing an immense amount of pain to course through me. I released Orthius and fell limply to the bed, not able to take the pain. I saw, nor felt nothing else...

A loud blast ruptured through the night sky, sending the young vampire and his friend onto their backs. It was a signal. A signal they never wanted to witness, but just have. "Oh no..NO!" Sebastian stood and ran to a clearing as fast as he could, but his screams of protest were not enough. Red clouds swirled over them, spreading over the land as far as he could see.

He heard Richard running up behind him, but he dropped the shimering portal out of his hands, and was already stepping through before he could be stopped. He came out on the other end, a feeling of disgust and fear surging through him.

Before him, the image of Orthius, taking Josephine's power, was too much. She opened her eyes and spotted him, and for a second, Sebastian forgot about the winds and the lightening. He forgot about the destruction she had just caused, and all he could see was her. Her eyes, however, weren't her eyes. They glowed white. Just like Orthius. "I've lost her.."

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