The story of Minako "Min" Yuuki/Hayami by Renee

Chapter one: A new life for Minako


"Minako! Minako! Where are you! Come on hunny, mommy and daddy need to go soon but you're going to make us late." Karen Yuuki walked out of her house in search of her daughter Minako. Her long blonde hair tyed with a long deep blue ribbon. Her blueish green eyes sparkled in the sun light. Karen was one of the most lovely women where she lived. But now she didn't look as lovely. Her face had an evil look to it for what she was about to do was a very unkind thing. Not like she cared all she had to do was find her daughter. Finally she found the girl sitting by a pond laughing.

Minako looked a lot like her mother, and looked nothing at all like her father. Her hair which was sandy blonde making it a bit darker then Karens was shoulder length and tied up in two braids. Her eyes were the same colour as her mothers and were big and wide with cuteness. She held out her hands holding a small frog in them."Look mama I found a frog!" Minako said in an adorable voice. Karen smiled as best she could at the tiny Six year old.

"Thats nice Min put it back though. Your father and I are going out for a few days and one of our friends said that she and her husband would take care of you while we are away."

Minako smiled at her mother brightly. "Okay mama!" She put the frog down. "Bai bai Pond!"

Her mother blinked. "You called your frog pond dear?" Minako nodded. Karen laughed. "How cute." She said as nicely as she could.

By the time Minako and Karen got back home and Minako had washed her hands there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" Minako said cutely and she ran to the door. "Who's there?" She asked.

"Mari!" Came the answer of a young girl. Minako blinked.

"Mama! Some one named Mari is here!" Her mother came into the room and opened the door. A young dark haired girl stood there. The girls eyes were a deep brown colour and her hair was cut short.

"I'm here to get Minako!" She said sweetly. Karen laughed.

"Well then go on Min. Say good-bye to your father first though." Minako nodded and ran off to say "good-bye" to her father.

As Minako hugged her father tightly he whisperd somthing to her. "Stay strong Minako.. stay strong."

"Of course I will papa! I'll always strong." She kissed him cutely and ran out of the room.

The man, Taichi Yuuki had short deep purple hair and silvery eyes. Those eyes looked at the door Minako had just run out of and he smiled sadly as he watched his daughter leave. He knew he would never see her again. His wife planned to get rid of their daughter. He sighed sadly, Taichi loved Minako and he knew Karen did as well but he also knew that she didn't want to have Minako as a daughter. She never wanted to see the girl again.

Just as Minako was about to leave her mother walked up to her. "Minako I have a gift for you." She pulled the ribbon from her hair and gave it to her daughter. "Here.." then she handed Minako a box. "And take this as well."

"Why are you giving me gifts mama? Is it my birthday?" Her mother laughed.

"No.. I just am. Good-bye Minako." Karen hugged her and Minako left. Never to see that house again. Never to hug her mother again or to even see her father. She didn't know this however as she walked away. Minako Yuuki thought of this as any other Six year old girl would have, she thought of it as an avdenture.


Unlike many children her age Minako had been away from her mother and father many times before. So being in a strange house full of young girls was no problem to her.. well not much of one. She had been there for the past week and had gotten to know the family very well. There was the eldest of the girls, her name was Torhu and she was the favorite of both her parents. Then came Miyako, Risa, Mari, Hikari,Haruka, and Seena.

Minako got to know them in that week, she got to know her new sisters very well. Then came her new parents. Minako didn't like these people much. They were mean to her. The mans name was Hiroshi and the womans was Mimi. They both looked very much alike and all of their kids looked almost exactly alike. All with dark hair and brown eyes. Minako was a bit freaked out at that.

When this family told Minako that she would be part of them soon she blinked. "What do you mean?" She asked cutely.

"Well, you see Minako." Torhu began, "your mother and father.. well they asked our mother and father to take care of you. So now you're our sister."

Minako blinked again then smiled. "I have sisters now!? I can't wait to tell mama and papa! When I go home they're gonna be so proud of me." Min didn't understand her but instead of correcting the young girl Torhu simply smiled sadly.


One year past quickly for Minako. By the time she was seven she understood perfectly what her parents had done to her. But Minako wasn't sad. She had her her frog Pond.. he visited her dreams. Pond told her that he would protect her. And he told her that she would never need to be alone as long as he was there.

But one day Pond stopped coming in her dreams. Minako didn't know why and it saddend her to think she would never see her friend again. She would sit in her room and stare at the ceiling. But she wouldn't cry.. Pond told her that it wasn't good to be sad. And she listend to him. But on days when she felt like she would cry because of her lost friend she would remember her father.

It was odd... Minako knew her father loved her. She tried to tell herself that he didn't though. She didn't want to believe that the man who gave her up loved her. It was the same with her knew Karen loved her but she refused to bleive that her mother loved her.

"Minako! Where are you!" It was Mari's voice. "Come quickly! Min you have to hurry up! Something is wrong and I don't know what it is but this is really not good!"

*To be Continued*

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