This is a stream of what may be considered nonsense to some and deep to others. I wrote it one day when I felt I couldn't communicate to anyone and no human being was ever going to get inside my head. It's partially about itself, though. Maybe you'll recognize the feeling in the babble.




There's fire

Written atop a slender spire

I'm writing, typing

As fast as I can speed the words from

Head to pen

Fingers to keys

The letters pouring out like something I desire

Something dire


And there's no sun where this was born

Forlorn and wasting on a blank screen torn

On a screen unblinking and fearful

Watching tearful

As the cursor winks

And blinks

Trying to clear the message on the whiteness

Linear brightness

As my mind pushes to the brink


But glory


Forces me onwards off the rim

Failing comprehension

Apprehension leaves a trail

Of things written in death

Meant to save another breath, yet

The meaning of the words is lost to no avail


Nothing reaches them from this place

As I sit looking for a kinder face on trial

While I can't stop writing pointlessly

Pacing myself hopelessly

Desperate to win a cruel race

Running something futile


There's no time to recover what's lost

Droning machineries

Coherency is what they cost

And all my precious words are dropped

At the threshold of their minds

Their souls untouched by mere trivialities

The wisdom having stopped


With copycats and fools all in bondage

Slaves still working to please the masses

Watching the world through rose-colored glasses

Shadowed behind their own chains

There's freedom elsewhere but

They can hide it

Washed away in their own hated rain

Under other things they can bury the pain


And in the end there's nothing left yet

Why do I keep returning to this nightmare of

Miscommunication and spillage

Of data unused

Information abused

A deadly fire burning up the bridge

But I'll always come back to it


Opinions pining

Ideas whining for the chance

Asking for a second glance

Gasping for that conceptual design

It could have come from any mind

Originality does a dance and song and

Promptly dies

I know their corpses all lay here, yet

This is the world where I belong


So just before you decide to return

That place where bridges are burned

And thoughts are swapped and traded

Faded by the light of your monitor screen

And just before you scream

With the voice of a ghost tormented

For this place we've lamented, yet

Before you come back to haunt this paradise deflated

Remember this warning

Brought to your hollow eyes

To heed in mourning, and now





I gasp

Too late

You've seen

My fate


Please review.