Once again it has appeared in the mainstream media that the United States has lost Iraq and is entering a Vietnam like quagmire that will destroy the nation if the soldiers aren't pulled out immediately. Mondays bombings have been compared to the Tet offensive, a failure for the NVA but became a propaganda victory when the media trumpted it up as an American loss. It seems that yet again America's own media is hoping for a US failure, if only to increase their prestige in destroying confidence in America's own soldiers and commanders. Everyday there is more and more calls for the Bush administration to pull out of Iraq or accusations of poor planning on the behalf of the pentagon. If Bush, or any future president, were to give in to these opposition voices, Iraq would be lost to the terrorists.

There is no formal organization incensing Iraqi civilians to rise up against the US occupation force (Lets level here and call it what it is, our army isn't a 'liberation' force, it's an occupation force) nor is there any leader uniting the people against us. What there is in Iraq, are a bunch of disgruntled former Baathists or current Al-Queda members, doing their very best to stick it the United States. A recent Gallop pole, one that is only being mentioned on Fox News, I might add, shows that the Iraqi's feel more secure today then they did a couple of months ago. Even better only about thirty percent harbor any ill will to the US. Right now we are looking at terrorists trying to disrupt the pace of life in Iraq by attacking the countries infrastructure, security forces, and international aid.

It will not be long before the Iraqi population sees the terrorists as extremists and enemies of the nation, rather then friends. Right now terrorists are pacing notes telling Iraqi workers to go on strike 'or else'. What is the or else? They are threatening to attack merchants and shops, full of innocents, if the government workers do not go on strike. How is this the voice of the people? It isn't; it is the voice of a few radicals intent on either kicking out America or destroying the country to prevent it from becoming a democracy. Continuing attacks on international aid stations and those organizations trying to help the Iraqi people will do nothing to help the terrorists, it will turn public support against them.

The very worst thing America can do is pull out its soldiers. A turning point in this occupation is coming and a secure military presence is needed inside the country to prevent it to falling in with the terrorists. If American soldiers were to leave the Iraqi's to their own devices now, the entire point of going to war with the country would be lost. Iraq would become another nation ruled by warlords and terrorists, a breeding ground for enemies of the United States. America would once again be viewed as the coward by the third world, dropping everything and running when casualties are taken, and would enforce the already omnipresent Vietnam complex in the pentagon.

If anything our soldiers should be stepping up in their actions against opposition forces inside Iraq. A new offensive should be taken against known supporters of terrorism. National Guardsmen and more reservists should be called up and rotated into Iraq, freeing up some of those soldiers who have been overseas for to long. Assets in Europe and Asia might need to be depleted slightly in order to bolster American might inside Iraq. Lets face it, if America is going to nation build then America better not do it half-assed. Recruitment drives should be taken by the Army in addition to the already heavy advertising for the military branches already. One option that should not be exercised is the US draft. The last thing the military needs is yet another reference to Vietnam.

America needs to take a hard line in Iraq, it is the only way our nation can win this peace. We cannot back down and we cannot pull out, to do so would jeopardize the entire war on terror, and could even cause another 9/11. Iraq needs money, it needs soldiers, and it needs international help. America can supply the money and the soldiers, but for the first time the UN seems to realize that these fanatics don't just hate America, they hate the west, and are tasting the bitter truth. We are already seeing the UN pull out of Iraq in the face of attacks. They should be putting more soldiers in, fighting back with the US. Instead they will continue that tradition of the UN since the Korean conflict, to get involved and then do nothing. Take a look at Bosnia if you need any proof.

Even if you did not agree with the war, if you bitterly opposed it, you should support the occupation. America is in for a penny, in for a pound so they say, and leaving would destroy the fragile freedom the lives of American soldiers were lost creating. America must stand strong in the face of these continued attacks, and only then can a final victory be achieved. If we decide to stay, if George Bush is reelected president, Iraq will become a stable country; that prediction excludes any massive events of geopolitical importance. We can win in Iraq, but we have to stay the course. If America fails and returns home, all was for naught.