Colours pulsed and flickered and then faded. Everything went black. Three coloured doors appeared. Primary colours, blue, red and yellow. The blue door opened and she entered.

Below her there was a family in a dirt mound hut. Filth covered them. She looked at the woman that was the wife and mother and she entered her, became her.

'Dear Lord' her husband prayed. 'Let the world and its people live on in goodness. Do not desecrate this world'. 'My love, do not scare the children' she intoned. 'The Lord will save us' he said. 'Let us hope so' she replied. 'Go to bed children'.

That night as she and her husband lay in bed the year 999 flipped over to the year 1000 and all was well. She blinked and left the woman to her body and to her husbands, and once again appeared in front of the doors.

The red door opened this time and she entered in a trance. Below her 20 men manned computers. She looked at the nearest man and she entered him, became him.

'Cory, stop staring into space, there is only five minutes till the millennium bug hits!' He looked at his computer and realised that the clock ticking away said 11:55 PM. As the minutes ticked by and the clock drew closer to 12 PM The men's faces began dripping with sweat. The clock flipped to 12 AM Jan. 2000. The men all looked at each other and all was well.

She blinked and left the man Cory's body and once again appeared in front of the doors. The yellow door was standing open and so she entered. She looked down. Machines beeped and flickered. Robots zoomed across the room performing mundane tasks.

The radio type machine blared. '30 seconds till the year 3000'. The robots kept moving and people appeared in the room. 'Fifteen seconds, ten, nine'. The people looked at each other. 'Three, two, one!' The year 2999 flipped over to 3000 and all was well. She blinked.

'Baby wake up' her mother intoned, 'you wanted to be up before 12 Am'. Christina remembered it was the year 3999. Five seconds, three, two one! The world exploded.