'A perfect race, a perfect race' muttered Fairrew 'that is what I want, a perfect race'. A perfect race of magical beings that is. Fairrew Bainard was a magician, not just any magician but a magician of supernatural power, with a mind of his own.

She wandered through the forest. Sunlight glinted off the multicoloured leaves and filtered through the canopy. Perfume radiated from the flowers lining the path. She pranced along the path, her silver horn glittering as she went. She bowed he head and when she raised it and shook back her mane there was a little girl standing in the middle of the path gaping at her.

Tatiana stood gaping at the beautiful white unicorn with the sparkling silver horn. She took a step towards it, slowly as not to frighten it. Tatiana had a great urge to pat it and the unicorn just stood there twisting her head slightly in Tatiana's direction. She stretched her hand out cautiously and ran her fingers through its silky mane.

Fairrew's head shot up. 'The key!', he laughed 'finally the key to success', and he disappeared.

The unicorn stood in the middle of the path and wandered at the sudden disturbance she had just felt. Then almost instantaneously the trees surrounding her and the girl, burst into flame and into the circle of flame stepped a man surrounded in blinding light. The unicorn knew exactly who it was.

'I've got you!' Fairrew hissed at Tatiana and Tatiana screamed a bloodcurdling scream. Not only did the unicorn know who this man was but Tatiana did also.

Fairrew grew angry when he heard the key scream, he didn't like it, he didn't like it at all. 'Time to sacrifice yourself my dear' he whispered to the key. 'Sacrifice yourself for my perfect race'. Fairrew raised his arms above his head and grinned menacingly.


The unicorn heard the girl scream and then Fairrew had screamed his magical words. The girl had suddenly disappeared and Fairrew was holding a glass vial full of blood above his head and laughing uncontrollably.

'MAGICALIA ONANALTIA' screamed Fairrew. There was a bright flash of light that lasted for what seemed like eternity to the unicorn. Screams racked the Unicorn's brain and she had to screw shut her eyes. When she opened them the only thing in sight was a sun-scorched red desert and towering over her was a large castle of an indistinguishable black material. Around it milled every magical being in creation.

The Unicorn snorted in disgusted, and turned and began to walk towards the horizon. What was that, that Fairrew had called the girl?. Ah, thats right, the key, thought the Unicorn. Ah, the key, of course!. The key to everlasting immortality for magical beings, and the complete destruction of all others 'normal'.

The Unicorn took one last look at the milling mass of magical beings and disappeared beyond the horizon, her horn glittering in the sun.