Based on a real life conversation heard by my friend and I as we rode the bus home. All of it is true, or true enough. I suspect Bob is not his real name.


The Druggies on the Bus Go Back and Forth...

Sitting on the bus
With nothing on my mind
Except the mindlessness
Of the two behind me
One seat back

'Cuz they say a cigarette pack
Is the worst kind of thing
And the evil it can bring
Ain't worth the trip

Guess they needed something fouler
Because like the ash from the tip
Of a cigarette
Their words float into my ears
Before I can tune them away

How mushrooms can bring you back
To anything that those cigarettes lack
Those 'lil green elves
They're so ****in' funny
Should bring one on the bus someday
While I snort off the day
Don't forget the crack

How too far off a gram or two
Sends you reeling into school
No mind left except to drool
With crossing eyes and all the lies
The haze puts you through
But the elves got my back

Seen some pretty ****ed up stuff, man
I think they've found the cure
For sanity
All them dead bodies rolling off rooftops
The little green elves
So ****in' hilarious
Dope dopey dope
And the snakes

The snakes!
****, man
I've seen some pretty wild stuff
I've sniffed some pretty wild stuff too
And I do love these houses, man
They look like 'lil stoner houses
But oh
The snakes!
Get them away

Voices lower
Where's the glory
As they play hide-and-seek with their brains
The bus slows in ignorance
Of their little games
And their desire to be
Omnipotent and

I get off here soon
Gotta meet Bob
And his army of
'Lil green elves and his
Roof-rolled corpses
Seeya later

And so druggie no. one jumps off
His image a fading echo
From my days in elementary school
As he rushes down the sidewalk
To plan in secret
Another meeting with Bob's elves
And writhing snakes
And melting walls

So remember, kids

Smoking ain't good for you.


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