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God! What is this school trying to do? If I didn't know any better, I'd say this school is trying to demean us girls by making us wear spandex and shirts that are too tight.

Boom slammed her locker door with a loud bang!, the sound echoing in the locker room for a few seconds. She dropped down on the bench and popped her gum, watching Vierge struggle into her shirt.

See. Didn't I tell you these shirts were too small? Boom grinned.

Vierge shot her friend a glare.

I'll have you know that this shirt is just too small.

Her friend arched a brow, curiously.

I know it's small. I mean, it either shrunk over the summer or I grew.

The latter is highly unlikely.

Shut up, you. Vierge sighed in defeat and retrieved her white, sleeveless top she came to school with. Do you think Ms. Cantrelle will mind if I wore this instead?

She marks you down for wearing a uniform without the school logo. A voice said behind them.

The two friends looked behind them to see one of their senior peers with a shirt in her hand. In the past year, they never talked to her, except for the occasional hello's' but as far as they were concerned, she never talked to anyone but her other junior friends turned senior. Had they not cut classes and changed frequently, they probably would have found themselves quite content in their senior year without physical education. Four years in a row was enough to drive someone off the edge.

Now, it seemed this senior was without her usual girl friends.

You can borrow mine. She said, brushing her hand through her auburn hair once before setting it back down at her side. I know Ms. Cantrelle pretty well. She might let me off the hook.

Vierge and Boom exchanged glances. Vierge smiled and shook her head, apologetically.

I couldn't. But thanks anyway.

The senior returned the smile.

No, I insist. Just give it back to me when the period's over. She held out her hand carrying the shirt. Vierge took it and put her white one back in her locker.

No problem. She was about to turn away to leave but stopped for a moment to look at them. What are your names?

She nodded in acknowledgement.

I'm Charity.

With that said, the senior departed.



Axel and Zack made their way to the blacktop in their respectable shirts and shorts, talking about the basketball game that aired the previous night. Of course, the conversation didn't last long when they spotted their favourite girl stretching out her limbs like a cat - strong, lean legs and with agility to boot.

Axel sneaked up behind her and pounced on her at the very last minute, spinning her around in a wide circle. When he set her down, he was very much surprised to receive a good shove that managed to make him stumble back a step or two.

Is it that time of month again? Axel said with a disappointed sigh, although the smirk tugging at his lips told otherwise. Hm. But that would explain why you jumped Tazer last night at the party, wouldn't it?

Axel, you're such a- oh! Boom, Vierge! Over here!

The three companions - well, two companions and a girl - looked over to where Charity's gaze was pointed. In the distance stood two girls that were chatting excitedly about something. One had raven-black hair with red and blue streaks through her hair, held creatively with pink hair extensions and bobby pins in a style no one could fathom. Her skin was fair, her face a design of sharp angles and ferocity hidden behind geniality. The girl on her right was quite the opposite, with mahogany hair pulled up into a messy bun with soft, cherubic features.

Axel grinned.

Hey, Zack. I'll take the feral one, you take the other. Ready, set - onward!

Charity groaned, expecting something of the sort, as she massaged her temples with her fingers. Why was she cursed with such bloody idiots that made it their fancy to tease and torment her for the rest of her high school career? (Because she was in love with one of them, that was why.)

Should we? Boom looked skeptical.

Why shouldn't we? Charity did help out, after all.

Boom rolled her eyes and rapped her knuckles on her friend's metaphorically-empty head.

Hasn't anyone taught you that looks can be deceiving'? I mean, hey, I give the girl credit for being kind but honestly. That girl has a reputation for being cruel to the lesser students', so to speak. And you want to trust her now because ...?

She did offer me the shirt. Besides, I thought she was very amiable last year. Vierge replied in honesty.

Boom contorted her face to a look of incredulity.

You do realise that we never went past hello', don't you? Boom shook her head when her friend shrugged. At any rate, I guess it's okay. It's those cute boneheads next to her I don't have too much faith in.

I said boneheads' didn't I?

Yes ... but ... cute ...?

Hey. If Rafe can pull off insults and compliments side-by-side, then Hell, I can do it too. She said, huffily.

You do know that what you just said indicates he's in your subconscious.

Shut up and start walking.

Vierge laughed.

Charity greeted.

While Vierge responded with a warming , she noticed, warily, that Boom nodded stiffly. They were sophomores - or possibly juniors - and yet she was feeling a bit of discomfort from someone younger than her. Still, she wouldn't put her stiffness past her for now. Never judge' was what her mom had taught her when life called for it before she closed her eyes and slept peacefully in a deeper oblivion.

Vierge nudged her friend's ribs with her elbow.

Boom finally conceded. Did you want something?

Charity winced inwardly. Okay, so maybe the girl didn't like her. Whatever the case, she wasn't ready to judge. Not just yet, anyway.

I was wondering if you two wanted to sit by me while we stretch and, you know, talk or something.

Because your other friends aren't here with you, I'd assume,' Boom thought sourly.

And with us, too. One of the boys said, eagerly.

Charity rolled her eyes. This, here, would be Axel and ... my friend, Zack.

The boy known as Axel looked at Charity and feigned hurt.

I'm not your friend?

Fortunately, no.

Axel chuckled and extended his hand. Fine. I'll make my own friends. Axel, at your service.

If there was a pun in his words, the girls hadn't noticed, sans Charity.

Vierge reached for his hand and shook it.

Vierge, and my moody friend is Boom. She winced when Boom pinched her arm.

Zack, who had remained quiet for some time, finally spoke.

Your name. Isn't it French for-

Vierge finished for him. Yes, but my name is pronounced differently.

Axel stared at his friend, disbelievingly. Since when did you take French? And hey, doesn't Virgo mean

Watch it, Axel. Charity growled, threateningly.

Axel frowned. What? It was a perfectly honest question.

Charity released a yell of frustration.

Zack. Axel. Go away!

The rambunctious teenager scowled then, giving Charity a colourful view of his middle finger.

If you need me to go to the store down the block to get you one of them tampons, just holler.

Zack and Axel walked away, howling in laughter.

It seems to be their goal in life to torment me.

Vierge smiled, sympathetically. Boys are boys.

Charity glumly nodded before sitting down on the ground, inviting the two younger girls to sit by her. Boom, wary as she was, relented and sat beside her.

In my honest opinion, Vierge started, I don't particularly like that pair.

Her ebon-haired friend smirked. Hon, you don't particularly like' any red-blooded male, it seems.

The senior furrowed her brows and stared at the girl on her left, Vierge, who was flushed pink with embarrassment.

She stays true to her name.

Vierge leaned forward to peer around the taller girl at her friend.

I could kill you for that.

Hm. Possibly. But you love me.

Unfortunate as that is.

Charity watched the two friends fling teasing harsh words towards one another, not aware that she was fully content watching. It wasn't so much that the two girls interested her - no, her eyes were specially made for Zack Tazer - but it was their relationship they had with each other that she lacked with her own friends. Maybe there was the occasional friend since grade school, but she couldn't make a joke without her friends taking it to heart.

Maybe it was time to find a new group of friends? Vierge and Boom weren't bad at all. They just weren't seniors. And somehow, the idea didn't make sense. Maybe she was just insecure, susceptible to cruel words her girl friends might fling at her for hanging out with the lower class.' Rumors had went around last year about these two friends - Vierge in particular. She was poor while her friend was filthy rich.

It was funny, really, that their looks seemed to disprove their economic statuses. She always figured Boom to be the poor one. And harsh as that was, it was reality. People did judge others on appearances. Even she. So it came as a surprise when it seemed that Vierge was as low as dirt. She had concluded last year that the girl was much too confident to take whatever it is others were dishing out.

Or maybe she just hadn't heard.

Whatever the case, envy and lonliness seemed to be her only company.

Do you see that?

Zack pushed himself away from the fence, un-crossing his arms as he did so.

See what?

Axel raked a hand through his windswept spikes before dropping it down and taking Zack's previous position - a casual stance, leaning against the fence with his arms crossed and his legs overlapping each other.

I like her. He said. Zack's friend's spontaneous comments were beginning to get to him - not in the annoying sense, but the kind that befuddled him.

Zack followed his friend's stare. Boom? The chick with the hair?

I get the feeling she'd ram you head-on for that one. He commented with a grin. But no. The other one - Vierge.

Didn't you just say you were interested in the feisty one?

I can't really tell. For all I know, I might have their personalities mixed up. Vierge is mighty attractive. But so is Boom. In any case, I like the virgin's namesake better.

Zack couldn't tell if he was disappointed or not.

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