Words of an Artist

once upon a time

a young aspiring artist went

to see an ancient and Great Master of Art

he said,

"Look at my work if you please, Great Master.

tell me what you think of it."

and the Old Master

looked at the painting long and hard, furrowing his brow

and then looked at the nervous student

the old master spoke in a coarse voice

"You shall never be a truly great artist, no matter what you do."

and cast out the young artist and his painting

the young artist was broken by the great master

and his cruel remark, and set out into the world in search of a new career

and finally found something he loved more then painting

he went back the Great Master of Art

and said, "Oh thank you Great Master of Art, had you not told me I would never be a true artist, I would never have found my new profession!"

the Great Master just nodded absent-mindedly

and the student was struck with a question that had before eluded him "Great Master" he said, "How did

you know I would never be an artist?"

the Great Master looked up at him with tired old eyes

and said, "I knew that because

if you were truly an artist..

you never would have listened to my words."