I sit on my bed, so alone and sad
My pillow I punch even though I'm not mad
Tears roll down my face and I wipe them away
Only to think about you, who to no words I can say
I think about ways to catch your eye
But if you never notice me how could I even try
It's hard to realize when one should give up
I'll think, one more try and I might hit some luck
But that try will come and no luck will be hit
Then my heart will sink deeply into a pit
I only wish that you could find
A way to accept this love of mine
Each night I pray to the Lord above
That he might give me you to love
Yet it seems that I must wait
Until you are ready to take my bait
Because no one else could ever try
To take away this love of mine
For the only one who can have it is you
And I hope someday you might love me too