You and I were the same once,
upon a time when fairytales were real
and Willy Wonka was still our hero.
You and I used to laugh wildy,
as we sang "skimeter-rinky-dinky-dink.."
as elephants danced across the box in front of us.
You could see the giggles in my eyes,
before they ever reached my mouth.
But things change-eventhough
I never wanted them to.
You traded in cartoons for friends
and stale cigarettes
While I was left to smell the ashes.
Soon I was just a dot, nothing in your life.
I watched you fall, as you reached for evil,
the kind of evil that lives deep inside.
You sold drugs and slept with girls,
while I read books and cried into my pillow.
I had to hug mamma everday,
because you always forgot and she was always hurt
and you knew mamma's tears were the worst.
I watched you grow into someone mean,
someone who could hurt a girl like me.
You and I are different now,
you parade around in baggy pants
as if you own the world,
While I hide, alone, in my room
afraid that you might break me.
I wanna remember the days
when you called me sissy
as we climbed up tall old oak trees
I wish you still had that toothless grin
that always made me laugh as we
jumped into brown leaves on
autumn afternoons.
But those days are gone now-
and so are all of the fairytale endings.