unending silent scream
more screams
of a torture soul
shattered soul
broken mind
but no one sees the pain inside
to the world u look like ur whole
this Instinct blackness
running right through ur soul
heart frozen to get through yr. of pain
and torture

minds twisted
whets normal
is what he did right
do I see world wrong
so lost
so confused
souls bleeding away
hearts broken
mind stole
toyed with
in sick mind game
silent scream y me
then guilt
for wishing wasn't me
for wishing others pain
week tired
so tired no rest for my soul
no peace
sick mind games
soul silently screams
no one hears
just pain
bitter black pain
heart froze
get through the days
start to melt
now melting
more pain
soul silently screams
not rest from the pain
silent screams
why did it have to be me
what had I don't to deserve this
screaming why meeeeeee
tears flowing
the oceans of tears
never stop
why meeeeeee
soul screams again
souls raw with big gapping hole
why meeeeee
why did it have to be meeeee
eats u inside
the same question each time
why meeeeeeee
just get through each breath
not a day just a breath
cant think of a day
pain so strong
just eating inside
he's rob my soul
stolen my heart
ripped it apart
fucked with my head
scream silently
the pains deep in side
black insidious
planted in my mind
no thoughts of my own
just evil inside
still soul screams
its unanswerable cry
why meeeeee
why god why
no answer
knows never will be
the answerable question