By Tara Nicole Walker

Most find them
Strong and solid
A fortress
A place to go
A place of safety
Their home
The walls of
Their home
When rapists
Walk the streets
They go home
And close the door
And go on about
Their lives
Within their walls
The bodies of their minds
Are weak
But their walls
Remain strong
But not I
I know
That they
Are only walls
Not to be worshiped On the eve
Of their own holiday
They are less than even
Flesh and blood
And they are only
As protective
As we make them
But not
As most believe
They are
A pandemic of fear
Blows behind a windward
Across the albino landscape
Of my mind
I know what's out there
Behind the
I know what
COULD BE there
Hiding in the shadows
The walls.
To most they stand
But I see them
For what they are
Thin, flexible
These walls