Monday June 2, 6:30 AM

Why am I awake? I mean honestly. I blame this on the school system. For over a decade I've dragged my body into school at this ungodly hour, and now that I'm done and it's exam week and I exempted my exams so I don't have to come...I'm still awake. My stupid body has betrayed me and still wakes itself up. Since I'm up, might as well make myself all productive, right?
Nah. Sleep sounds good right now. Even though in like four hours I have to wake up again and go to the hospital. They're releasing Mr. Vines today and I promised my mother and Charlie that I'd be there. Mom just wants to give herself a reason to be there, like comforting her daughter over her boyfriend's father's latest trauma. Yeah. Perfect sense, right? Charlie just wants me there to protect him from the random spouts of kisses our parents have been prone to lately.

12:18 PM

DINNER? We're having DINNER at a fancy restaurant tonight with our parents? Two couples having dinner. A dinner date involving two couples. A dinner date PERIOD. No matter how I say it, it doesn't change the fact that Charlie and I are double-dating with our PARENTS.
This is not natural in any way, shape, or form.

11:29 PM

Now that was interesting. My mother went all...mother...on Mr. Vines and was lecturing him about what he was eating and how bad for his weakened heart it was, while he just sat there the whole time rolling his eyes and sighing in disgust. Ah, true love, no? At one point, they were arguing over steamed broccoli (don't ask...) when Charlie leaned over.
"Do you think they'd miss us?" he whispered. I glanced over just as Mr. Vines threw a piece of broccoli into my mother's lap. I turned back to Charlie.
"Run," I whispered.
We bolted, got into Charlie's car, and he drove. We ended up at the lake and parked in the same place we had on our first date. We crawled back onto the hood of the car and just sat there watching the stars for awhile.
"I'm gonna miss this," I said.
"I can't believe you leave in a little over two weeks," Charlie replied as I noticed his grip on me noticeably tightened. "What's going to happen to us?"
"Don't do this now Charlie," I pleaded softly. "Can't we just enjoy the time we have left together without making me feel like I'm evil for abandoning you."
"You're not abandoning me," he said as a look of shock crossed his face. "Is that what you think?" I shrugged. "Well don't. Do you hear me?" he asked, gently placing his finger under my chin and lifting my head so I had to look into his eyes. "Don't feel guilty."
I nodded. "Well...what is going to happen to us?" I asked finally.
"Isn't that the question of the day..." he remarked.
It really was. We went home after that, both of us just wrapped up in silence. I hate college. I love it, yet I hate it because it's tearing me away from one of the only good things in my life.

Tuesday June 3, 3:35 AM

It's 3:30 in the morning and I feel like packing. I don't really know why, but I just can't sleep and I got the urge to start organizing my stuff to move into the dorm for the summer. I've been doing so for the past half hour and I haven't gotten very far. I started going through all my little knick knacks and decorative stuff all around my room on the shelves and on my desk trying to decide what to keep here and what to take and it's impossible to decide. I have so much...stuff...crammed in here and I don't want to leave it behind. I need it all.
Honestly, my third grade journal? I NEED THAT. I can't go to college without it, can I? I think not! It's a very important part of my history. How could I sleep at night at college knowing that if the urge came to me to read about my crush on Jacob Westheimer, I couldn't read it because it'd be three hours away?! That's just wrong. It's coming with me.
And what about the ticket stub from the first movie Charlie and I got around to seeing? I can't leave that behind. And that finger painting I did of my family in preschool that consisted of two paint blobs of me and my mom and a big happy face with a question mark over it for my dad. See? I needed psychological help even in preschool! I gotta have the proof of that hanging in my dorm room.
Maybe if I get some sleep I'll figure something out. Sleep cures all.

4:13 AM

What about my fish?! Who's gonna take care of them while I'm gone? My mother can barely remember to feed ME. How's she going to remember to feed two fish? That's it. They're coming with me too.

Wednesday June 4, 4:15 PM

I gave up on packing yesterday.
I'm going to the mall with Paige in a little while. I'm starting to realize that spending time with people is a little more important than contemplating whether or not I should bring my second grade macaroni jewelry box with me to college.

10:37 PM

I never thought I'd actually say this, but I'm really going to miss Paige Murphy. We shopped for our graduation dresses tonight and it was so surreal. It was like, wow...this is the first thing I'm going to be wearing when I'm an official high school graduate. I ended up with a greeny strappy number because Charlie has always said he loved me in green. Paige went all out with a little black sequined thing that cost the amount of a small country. I forsee Paige marrying rich and giving her husband a heart attack one day over the bills. Poor man. My heart goes out to him already.
But despite all that, Paige is really an okay girl as girls go. We talked a lot about what we wanted out of life, and I found out that Paige's waters run deeper than most think. Her main goal in life is just to be happy. She said she really doesn't have to be rich or even married anything, just as long as she's happy with what she does. I think that's very mature for a girl who spent most of her school years stressing over the abomination of wearing a brown belt with black shoes.

Thursday June 5, 9:15 AM

I graduate on Saturday.

11:52 PM

My mom and Mr. Vines have broken it off again. For a couple so damned determined to be together (I swear they do it just to piss off their children), they sure do break up a lot. I asked my mother if it had anything to do with the Broccoli Incident, but she refused to comment. She said they had hit a point in their relationship where she realized they had many irreconcilable differences.
Or in other words, he doesn't want to eat broccoli and she does.

Friday June 6, 4:13 PM

I graduate TOMORROW. How insane is that? I can't write anything, I can't do anything, I can't think anything. Everything's all jumbled together and I don't just doesn't seem like it's really happening.

Saturday June 7, 2:30 PM

We're leaving for the ceremony now.

Sunday June 8, 4:19 PM

So I'm a high school graduate. The actually graduation went by so fast. I didn't think it would take so short of time. Or maybe it just felt short because I was trying to remember every detail and just kept missing stuff.
The salutatorian's speech was okay. Poor Amber has a lisp though and she spoke very closely to the microphone so half of her words sounded like mini-sonic booms which sort of took away from the speech.
The valedictorian's speech made me cry. Yes, I'm serious. I don't remember why, but tears were streaming down my face as I was clapping when she was done. Next to me, Elena Flores stopped talking to her neighbor about her latest boyfriend and looked at me strangely. I didn't really care.
Walking across the stage, I was on automatic pilot. Smile, shake hands, take diploma, don't fall on your ass, don't forget to smile. After the whole thing was over, they pronounced our class graduated and all that and we got to throw our caps in the air. Except for the fact that mine came back down and poked me in the eye, that was pretty cool. Then there was the task of finding Charlie and our families in the mob scene that was outside. Two million pictures later, they allowed us to go and we made a break for his car, stripping off our suffocating gowns on the way. Charlie smiled appreciatively when he saw that my dress was green.
We were quiet on the drive home. As usual, we ended up at the lake. It was empty for once in a lifetime. Charlie took my hand and suggested we walk.
"How does it feel?" he asked.
"Don't know yet," I said honestly. "You?"
"Still deciding."
We walked for awhile, each lost in our own thoughts. "I love you," I said finally.
"I know," he said, smirking at me; I punched him playfully.
We got back to his car and in the grand Gwen-Charlie tradition, climbed onto it and watched the stars for awhile. At one point, we both looked up and saw a shooting star. For a split second I felt like it was the beginning of the year and we were on our first date again. I turned to Charlie.
"What did you wish for?" we asked each other at the same time.
"I swear we read each other's minds," he joked.
"You don't want inside my head honey, it'd be way too much for you to handle."
"I don't doubt that somehow," he teased. I rolled my eyes. "No really, what did you wish for?"
"That we could always be this happy," I said truthfully.
"We can be," he said.
"I know."
He took my hand and pulled me off the car. He turned on the radio and told me I had to dance with him. So that was how I spent my graduation night. Not getting drunk with a whole bunch of people I never liked. I spent it dancing by the lake to a car stereo with the man I love.
"This is very teen movie-esque," Charlie whispered at one point.
"Except for one minor detail."
"Which detail would that be?" he asked.
"This isn't a teen movie."
"I love you Gwen Flynn," he said, chuckling. "Every neurotic, contradicting bit of you."
"I know," I teased him.
"We'll always be this happy," he said seriously, tightening his arms around my waist and pulling me closer. "Won't we?"
"Well so far my wishes on stars have always come true. And I wished for us to always be happy. Is that enough?"
He kissed me softly. "It's enough."

A/N: Ahhhh I had to finish this. I was going to draw it out through a few chapters, but I sat down and decided that I just HAD to finish it now. So I did! :D I know it took forever; I'm sorry. But I had fun getting to play neurotic, psychotic Gwen's mind for all this time. It's definitely been an experience to say the least. Thanks to everyone who reviewed it, and maybe you can look forward to little ficlets of Gwen at college. But not for awhile. :P Time to focus on Two's Company for awhile.