(A/N: This is my first story on here so R/R but please be kind. in other FLAMES PLEASE! Oh and I promise. it does get better.) ' ' = Thoughts * *= Writing " " = Talking

Danielle laid down on her bed on her stomach with a pen in her right hand and her chin in her left, her journal open infront of her. * I miss Andrew so much. He went away for the summer and I won't see him all summer. I can't wait to see him when he gets back. My friends say I should forget about him for the summer and maybe even get a new boyfriend but I really think I love Andrew too much to ever date another guy. The problem is everyone keeps saying he is probably cheating on me so I might as well cheat on him as well. I worry about that a lot. because I know he might. he's done it before. * She put her pen down and rolled onto her back for a minute. ' Christ this is a bunch of bullshit. I KNOW he's cheating on me and yet I don't break up with him or kick his stupid, selfish, cocky ass. Why can't I just meet a guy that might treat me well? She heard a bump and a crash outside and she ran over to her window. Outside it was dark but she could see a moving truck in the driveway of her neighbor's old house and movers unloading boxes from the trunk. She saw the silhouette of a guy who looked about her age. She grinned down at the dark figure, and idea popping into her head like a light bulb. 'And why the hell shouldn't I be with a guy that treats me right. god knows I deserve it. that wouldn't be being faithful to Andrew if one thing leads to another how can I help why should I try? ' Danielle gives one last look at the figure and goes to bed planning her summer seduction.