Danielle woke up the next day with a horrible headache because she had stayed up later than she had anticipated to plan her meeting with the boy next door. She had actually gotten out of bed and started writing ideas down. Alas though she had no really great ideas and although she was an amateur at this seduction thing she was still a teenage girl and a bit of a tease at that.

' This is nonsense ' she thought heatedly as she started to walk back over to her pen and paper for more ideas.

'I'll simply take a walk and if I happen to run into him then alright and if not then that's alright too. I suppose.'

So she walked downstairs and through the front door, grabbing a baggy jacket on the way out of the house. She was cute in her own sort of way sometimes. She usually wore baggy dark clothes but her personality was what made her cute. She was a great tease and loved every minute of it. She had shoulder length brownish blonde hair, hazel greenish gray eyes and adorable pink huh? Unfortunately she was a bit bigger than girls her age and a lot taller. oh well. older guys here she comes! Anyway she was walking down the street towards her neighbors house. She slowed down a bit infront of the house and smiled up at it. She realized that maybe this wouldn't be a seduction after all. maybe her boy would come willingly. or maybe she wouldn't like him. or maybe she would like him, too much for her to try and seduce him. or maybe, she stopped herself then and kept walking. If she was going to do anything, even introduce herself to him, she'd have to calm down! She walked around the block a few times, stopping to talk to some friends here and there and then walked back into her house giving one last mournful look at the boys house. Five times around and she still hadn't seen him. This was bullshit and it was driving her nutty. Oh well. hopefully she'd meet him before the fair though. that could be interesting.