You Were There

Every morning I wake up
and find that you're not there.
I wonder where can you be?
You came and I smiled,
you left and I cried.
Can't you see?
I need you to guide me
to show me the things that I have overlooked.
I need you to help
me live my life.
Things just aren't the same
now they used to be
since you've been gone.
You helped me right my wrongs.
But since you left my arms,
I can't tell
one wrong from another.
You held my hand
when I was in need
of comfort
and made me laugh
when I was sad.
I was once lost and in pain
but now I am home and healed.
When you left,
I thought that all life was over,
but I have since learned
that life goes on.
You showed me reality
and the value of family
and friends.
But most of all,
you were there
when I needed you most.

*Author's Note: This was written in memory of a man who had passed away on
January 13, 2000. I only ask that you please be honest in your reviews as
I am in mine.