By Aveline

Can't bear the sight of her,

I'm tearing out my hair,

She's giving me that malicous grin,

Cute little act,

Miss perfect and all that,

Want to wrap my hands round her neck,

Acting like a friend,

Throwing me round the bend,

Stealing my mind,

Does she think that i'm blind?

Want to be at the top,

I'm telling you that shes so not,

Not realising i know whats up,

All the names she calls,

All the games she plays,

Tomorrow they'll dump her in Neverland,

Looks like an angel,

Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if she was a devil,

Don't want to be treated like dirt,

Pretending i don't know what shes doing to our world,

Smiling back,

Being untrue to myself,

It's time you knew,

I think you're malicous,

You're a bitch.