Minimum of civilian deaths in Iraq: 6011

Maximum of civilian deaths in Iraq: 7653

Where are they George?

There have been at least 200 US casualties in Iraq.

200 young men who will never come home to their mothers,

never see their wives again,

never watch their children grow up.

Young children, barely out of kindergarten,

have lost arms, legs.

You have a country in ruins,

hungry, angry, and terrified.

What will you tell them?

Sorry won't bring back the family they've lost,

Rebuild their homes and businesses,

and miraculously make Osama appear.

Sorry is about as useful as a bucket of worm spit.

True sorrow is rare.

When we say, "Sorry,"

most often then not, we mean,

"Sorry I got caught."

What did you hope to accomplish?

You've made our allies disappear;

the whole world hates us.

A generation of suicide bombers,

burning with revenge,

are already arming themselves for another battle

with the Great Satan;

you haven't done anything to stop terrorism,

just poured more gasoline onto the fire.