A/N: I aim to please. :P The beginnings of Charlie and Gwen. I thought it'd be a little more interesting to put it from Charlie's point of view this time. Enjoy!

Had she always been that pretty? Charlie figured he would have noticed such a pretty girl wandering around
school. Wouldn't he have?
It was the first day of senior year and he was sitting in homeroom staring at the head of the girl in front of
him. Gwen. He had always known *of* her, but had never really paid much attention, since he'd been sort of busy with
Ugh. Jessica. Jessica Fox was a piece of work. Called him up one day and had just happened to mention
the fact that she had decided she liked sleeping with some guy named Kirk more than she liked sleeping with him.
Well. Wasn't she just considerate to mention this to him? She sure thought so. And so he'd spent his summer
girl-less. So now here he was; He found himself ignoring the teacher and daydreaming about getting his fingers tangled in those soft curls.
"Earth to Charlie," he suddenly heard someone say. His eyes snapped open and he saw Gwen turned
around in her seat looking at him with an amused smirk on her face.
"Huh?" he asked intelligently.
She laughed at him. "Here," she said, thrusting some papers into his hand. The teacher had apparently given each row a stack of papers to pass back and Charlie hadn't been paying attention. Once she noted that he had continued passing the papers back, Gwen smiled one last time and turned around.
Charlie was bright red and ashamed of himself. Charlie Vines did not get flustered around girls. Never had in his life, and had planned on keeping it that way. So what was it about this girl in front of him that had him showing proof that he had the social skills of a five year old?
The eyes maybe? God they were gorgeous. Huge emerald green eyes that she framed with jet black eyeliner and mascara. He could swear they had sparkles in them if he looked close enough. The hair? He'd already figured that one did him in. He was a sucker for redheads, and loved when girls didn't straighten their wavy hair into burned out sticks like they all did these days. The body maybe? It wasn't hurting for greatness. She was tall. WAY tall. Pushing 5'11, a mere inches shorter than his 6'2. Long legs, curvy hips.
He mentally slapped himself. If he kept focusing on her body, he'd actually have a reason to carry around that big notebook his dad had bought him.

She sat alone at lunch, and was writing in a notebook. Every so often, she'd stop writing and chew on the cap of the pen. Charlie's friends couldn't understand why he was being so quiet, but once they followed his line of sight it dawned on them.
"Charlie's got the hots for the redheaded little vixen," Adam teased. Charlie rolled his eyes.
"Well she did get pretty hot over the summer," Jason agreed. "Did she always have those great legs?"
Charlie glared at them and got up, determined to go over and talk to her. The guys watched in amusement as he walked right over to Gwen and plunked himself down in the seat next to her. She looked up in surprise.
"Hi," he said.
"Hi..?" she trailed off, definitely not masking her shock at see Charlie Vines seated next to her voluntarily. Silence followed. They each racked their brains for something to say.
"What are you writing?" Charlie blurted out.
She blushed furiously, making her face match her hair. "I just like to write a lot," she said, chewing anxiously on her bottom lip. "You know, the life and times of the famous Gwen Flynn and all that jazz."
"I've always wanted to say I loved your name," he said shyly. She laughed at him again like she had during homeroom.
"You want it?" she asked, rolling her eyes. "Try having a mother who swears she wasn't on an acid trip when she named me Gwen Flynn with no middle name and can't quite understand why I hate it so much."
Just then the bell rang for the next class. Charlie stood up. "Well I like it, Gwen Flynn."
She raised her eyebrow and smirked. "Well thank you Charlie Vines."
And with that, they each went their separate ways.

"You gonna ask her out?" Adam asked later that night when the guys were all gathered at Adam's house, sitting around a table on the back deck.
"I dunno man," Charlie said. "I doubt she'd want to. She keeps laughing at me."
"If the first word out of your mouth this year to me was 'Huh?' I would be too," Jason said, slowly exhaling a stream of cigarette smoke into the wind. Charlie slapped him on the back.
"You're not encouraging me here," he said, obviously annoyed. "Do you think I should ask her out?"
"Just do it and put yourself out of your whiny little misery," Adam shot back. "I don't like being around you when you're moping."
"Fine," Charlie said forcefully. "I'll ask her out tomorrow."
"You do that," Jason said, taking another long drag of his cigarette.

Homeroom was pretty pointless after the first day of school, so the next morning, all anyone did was talk to each other. Gwen was writing in her notebook again and would periodically brush her hair out of her face and flip it over her shoulder, driving Charlie absolutely insane.
"Gwen?" he finally blurted out. She turned around, looking at him quizzically. "Um, what are you doing this Friday night?" After which, he said a silent prayer to the gods of teenage boys to not let her laugh at him.
"This Friday?" she repeated, the blush slowly creeping into her cheeks. "Nothing, I don't think. Why?"
"Do you want to go, like, maybe out to eat with me? And see a movie or something?" he continued, still praying furiously in the back of his mind.
She looked extremely taken aback at his proposal. She blinked a few times before shrugging her shoulders. "Yeah, sure, that would be fun," she replied, smiling at him.
After that, it was all uphill. He got her phone number and said he'd call her that night and they'd figure out what to do from there. She said she was looking forward to it. Then the bell rang and they went their separate ways again. Between classes, Charlie managed to find Adam and Jason and broke the good news.

Friday night FINALLY rolled around. Charlie arrived at Gwen's house to take her to the fancy Italian restaurant downtown and then to the movies. She opened the door, smiling widely. His stomach jumped into his throat when he took in her low-rise black pants and forest green halter top that complimented her red hair that spilled all over her shoulders and back.
Oh boy, he was in trouble.