A/N: Ah, the romantic fluffy girl in me took over for this final chapter in the story of Gwen and Charlie. Beware of the extreme mushiness.

How had he ever not spent quality time with Gwen Flynn? Charlie was at a loss for words throughout most of their date. Any worries about making conversation
with her at dinner flew out of his head the minute they were seated at a tiny table for two overlooking the lake that the restaurant was situated by. Gwen was possibly the easiest girl to talk to. And the funniest. Half an hour flew by in 10 seconds.
"...no really," she insisted. "Don't you ever feel like you're in a bad teen movie?"
He laughed out loud. "You can't be serious!"
"I'm serious," she argued. "Like, if I'm walking somewhere, say the mall? I'll hear music playing and it's my nature to just start walking in time to it. So I'm walking
in time to the music and just waiting for a whole group of people to pop out from around the corner and start dancing and singing with the music."
"That is quite possibly the most random thing I've ever heard a girl say," he said honestly.
"Really?" she asked, smiling. God, that smile. It could light up the room.
And then the food came, so they ate. After they ate, they took up right where they'd left off before the food and kept on talking. It was only when Charlie happened to look at his watch that he realized the movie had started five minutes ago! He sheepishly told his date that they missed the movie and offered to just take her home since they weren't going to do anything else.
"You aren't getting rid of me so easily Charlie Vines," she teased.
"Well, Gwen Flynn, what are we supposed to do then?"
"Well there IS a giant lake about 2 seconds from where we're sitting, you know," she told him.
"Okay..." he said, looking very confused. So there was a lake. So what? She laughed at his expression again.
"Little known fact: girls love long walks on the beach. But since a beach isn't exactly accessible right now, long walks around a gorgeous lake are perfect
substitutes," she informed him. It was Charlie's turn to blush. Of course. He flagged down the waitress for the check hurriedly.

They had been walking silently for about 10 minutes, just taking in the scenery. It was perfect; the sun had just set and the stars were coming out. The full moon
was the only source of lighting around the lake.
"Why did you ask me out?" Gwen asked suddenly. Charlie's eyes widened; he wasn't expecting to be asked that. Girls never asked why he wanted to date them, they were usually too thrilled.
"I have no idea," he said honestly. Hurt instantly flooded into those gorgeous eyes of hers and Charlie instantly regretted his words. "No, not like that," he assured her. "It was weird; I came back to school and when I saw you in homeroom I can't explain it. I couldn't believe I had never noticed such a pretty girl around school."
There was a long silence. "You thought I was pretty?" she asked meekly, all traces of the funny, confident girl from dinner gone without a trace.
"I do," he replied honestly.
They continued walking for a few more minutes in silence, but not uncomfortably. Gwen had never been told by a guy that she was pretty and it had definitely
caught her off guard. Another few minutes passed and Charlie felt long slender fingers being laced through his. He looked over at the beauty to his right in surprise.
"Do you mind?" she asked. He shook his head.
Mind? MIND?! Did he mind that his hand was attached to one of the most incredible girls he'd ever gone on a date with? Was she really that insane?
"If you don't mind my asking, what happened with you and Jessica? You guys were like the power couple of the century last year."
He let out a long sigh. "She cheated on me with some guy named Kirk and never looked back," he said bitterly. Gwen tightened her grip on his hand.
"I always knew that girl was bad news."
By this time they had reached his car again. Charlie had an idea considering he couldn't bear the idea of taking Gwen back home and leaving her spirited
presence. "Hey, I've got a blanket in the trunk from a concert over the summer we had lawn seats for. And I'm probably about to be the cheesiest guy in the entire world, but if you still don't want to go home, we can put it on the hood of my car and I don't know...watch the stars?" he asked lamely, knowing full well she was about to burst out laughing and call him gay. But Gwen surprised him, as she had the habit of doing.
"Definitely cheesy," she agreed. "But definitely sounds nice."
And that's how they came to be sprawled on the hood of his car, their backs up against the front windshield, with Charlie hesitatingly putting his arm around Gwen's shoulders. They'd been looking up at the stars for about five minutes when Gwen let out a little giggle.
"What's so funny?" he asked.
"This whole situation just proves my teen movie point," she laughed. "Girl and boy watching the stars at night. All we need is some song about kissing and love and romance blaring in the background."
Charlie had to laugh. Man this girl was random. But he liked it. He removed his arm from behind her and jumped off the hood, getting a questioning glance from Gwen. He planted the keys in the ignition and turned it until just the radio came on.
"I can fix that problem," he explained. She looked really confused.
He rooted around, looking for that radio station that played all the old love songs. He found it and cranked up the volume until she could hear it outside. That laugh he had found himself craving rang out again. She liked it! YES! He settled himself back on the hood, and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He could hardly believe it when she actually moved a little closer to him and leaned her heard against his shoulder. They watched the stars together, with some man singing about the first kiss with the girl he knew he loved.
"I saw a shooting star!" Gwen suddenly exclaimed. "I've never actually seen one of those things before."
"Are you kidding me? Never?" he asked in disbelief.
"Nah," she said, smiling that smile again. "The few times I've actually bothered to watch stars with people, they'd all see them and I'd usually just fake it and pretend I'd seen one to keep from feeling really lame."
"Glad to have been here to witness your first," he said honestly. He truly couldn't imagine being anywhere but here with Gwen at that moment.
The voice on the radio was still singing about the first kiss. Charlie had to roll his eyes. This was the most ironic, cheesiest moment of his entire life up to this point. Hell, might as well take a chance. He looked over at Gwen, whose face was still tilted up to the sky. It was now or never. Gwen finally looked over at him, feeling his stare, and a knowing look passed through her eyes. It was like she knew he was going to kiss her before he even attempted.
When he finally did, Charlie wondered why he hadn't done this earlier. The second he pressed his lips to hers, he knew he'd have to do this often. Gwen seemed to feel no hurry in stopping the kiss, but she also didn't seem to want to deepen it any time soon. With most girls, Charlie would have been upset at this fact, but he was only worried about Gwen liking this kiss. When he finally felt her lips part, he took his time in deepening the kiss, a fact which, although she never said out loud, Gwen appreciated.
When they finally broke apart, Gwen laughed, stunning Charlie. Why was she laughing?
"I was wondering when you'd do that," she confided, settling back into his arms, her head against his chest. He lazily began tracing little circles up and down her arms lightly with his fingers, making her jump.
"I'm a little slow," he said.
"Don't worry," she said, grinning. "Most guys in the movies take even longer than you to make their moves."
"Are you going to spend all your time talking about this teen movie thing?" he asked teasingly.
"You have no idea," she said mysteriously.