I look at her, she looks at me,

The others not the one we both think,

Just little things wrong or not quite right,

We think we're correct, Not love at first sight,

It could have been we both made mistakes,

Foolish visual conseptions may've saved two heartbreaks,

But did I just out on a best friend?

The perfect relationship shall never begin.

Like strangers who pass paths in the night,

Very well could have been the love of my life.

Not just in love could our lives stray from path.

May have missed a best friend, You do the math,

How many people do you not get to know?

The fault mere appearence makes us not go.

My spikey hair, My clothes that sag.

Don't know the real me that could be your bad.

I know these things, I've done it too.

A sad lesson in life is it's happened to you!