~~*Chain of Glistening Tears*~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~*~* Chapter 2: The Decision of Everything *~*~~~

She finally made the decision. It might not be right, but finally Skyla admitted it to herself, it was love by first sight, there was no doubt nor denying anymore, whenever she got onto the bus every morning, whenever she saw his smile, it would lighten her up the whole day. But yet she¡¯s still afraid of telling anyone. To have a crush on a 5th year!? Even though she admitted it to herself.

Her decision about all this was ¡ ..

Come and think of it! He¡¯s your classmate¡¯s brother, and 3 grade¡¯s lower than you at that¡ it¡¯s a hopeless case of love, so just forget about him.

NO one would approve of it, but whenever she thinks about him those charming smiles she would always remember, and even dream about¡

He¡¯s short, a Korean boy in 5th grade, and has got spiky short hair which are highlighted brown and blond, a pair of small glasses just right size, settling on his cute pointy nose, and eyes that would make any girl melt if u look into them. Not handsome, but cute. That¡¯s the perfect description for him-A cute schoolboy.

The first time Skyla caught sight of him, she was already feeling her knees buckle and she herself melting away, his melodious chuckle just made her heart pound wildly against her chest.

When Skyla stepped out of the bus she saw him, and she would remember that scene forever in her life it was how everything started¡ the way he kindly helped the little kindergarten kids get out of the bus, and then carry all their school bags himself, even though he was so short and it was too much a big load for him¡

Yeah, you are perfectly right, Skyla has already fallen for him hopelessly, even though she doesn¡¯t know it.

Come on, Skyla. Forget it, it¡¯s just some permanent silly crush. And you¡¯ll get over it soon enough. So she thought. But little did she know that, that boy would become so much more than just a silly crush, and that she had fallen into a quicksand, where there¡¯s no escape, the more u try to get out, the more u sink into it¡ .

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