Barely more than a child
Strangely dark
Soul overcome by shadows
Purity long lost
The blue eyes that once glittered so bright
Are faded and distant
Cold, dark sapphires
In a face like a china doll's
Very little is left
Of the girl I once knew
The friend I used to play with
On summer days long ago
Just yesterday we sat under the magnolia tree
Laughing, running, having fun
Why won't you join me
Come out and play
The sun is shining
Can't you tell I miss you
You were my best friend
Does that mean nothing
Remember the games we played
About princesses and wizards
Great heroes with golden capes
And all the stories we spun
We're still children
Let's play while we're still young
I'm just the same as you, though older by a year
So can't we sit under the magnolia tree again
You keep telling me you've changed
But that doesn't matter
I'm begging you to play
But you don't listen
Just darkly shake your head
Returning to your position
Staring at the wall
Looking into nothing at all