Did you ever wonder why,

sky's so dark at night?

Was it darker,

because you felt no light?

When you laughed,

did the day seem brighter?

When you cried,

did it seem darker?

When it was cold,

did you try to forget?

When it was warm,

did you try your best?

Did you hang on,

as hard as you can?

When you fell,

were you searching for a hand?

When you landed,

did youy wondered how your alive?

Or did you really fall,

never wondering why?

Can you see,

the path before you?

Can you walk,

and still get through?

Did you hug yourslf,

because you felt cold?

Did you hug tighter,

when you were told?

About the world,

how you feel so bright.

How only you,

could brighten up the night.

But did they tell you,

about the dark side of you.

How even you,

can be the moon.

Cold yet warm,

and brightened the nights.

But still alone,

without a light.

The sun gives you light,

but without it your cold.

That's what they say,

...or so i'm told...

Aik0h: i have no idea about hoe it turned to warm-cold to falling then warm-cold all over againm then sun and moon i'm confused and this is my own poem .