Clever to go along with them
Clever to follow the lines
A step to the left would lead you astray
and they couldn't stand to let you go.
Oh but nothing's sacred
They'd take this to your window
anytime you said so.

But it's true that I could have fallen
And it's wrong of me to believe
that quiet streets mean anything,
to someone so naive.

Running up broken staircases
It makes for stronger footsteps
and it never made us slip or trip or slide.
Because inside there's warmth and comfort and
they don't ask any questions, but
I know, I know you left your coat outside.

And it's true that I was not regretful,
as I wanted your presence to remain
As you look at me with silent gratitude,
and eyes of acid rain.

So now it's sitting outside,
in the rain, getting soaked,
and it's sad that you're inside,
sitting with me, uncloaked.
You could've sent me out.
Locked the door behind me.
But comfort all wins out,
and you've forgotten to remind me.

But it's true that I couldn't leave you,
sitting so wet and so cold on the rug,
Covered by anything I could find you,
sipping my strength from your mug.

So there's one more time that we'll forget
to trace back to another event
so lost, okay, we've gone without
in times before, and I thought about
buying you another coat,
but I didn't luck out, 'cause the rain stuck out,
and I've lost another day with you still here,
so wet.