First of all, before you read this essay, I would like to say a couple of things and hopefully, you won't get bored.

I strongly encourage that you read this, even if you are Hmong. I have a feeling most Hmong kids don't even understand their own culture, and I hope by reading this, you do remember and ask your parents if you have any questions about your own culture or about anything.

I also would like to take the time to say that I wrote this for my American Dream class, and it was a very good paper cause I got a good grade on it. Even before, I was writing this so I could post it up on here for people to read...and hopefully you are reading it.

I am Hmong. I know not a lot of people know about Hmong, and I know not a lot of people like Hmong, or any other Asian people, but that's not fair for us because we're different and you're not. I am writing this just to let you know, if there is somethinig discriminating about some of these facts, please, I mean no offense, I am only stating facts, information. I interviewed my parents, and took sources, you can check them out if you don't believe me. I just want people to know, and to realize that we came here because we have nowhere else left to go.

Thanks to both my American Dream teachers for giving me a good grade on this ^_^ because I seriously gave it my best shot, and I hope that after you're done, you will at least have a different view of the Hmongs and who they are. I hope that when you are done reading, you know more about us and about the war than before you rad this, and that you change your views a little about us. I hate people who are racism and aren't tolerable. Really, we are no different at all, it is just our skin that is different. We breathe the same air, we eat the same food, we even have the same number of toes, fingers, lungs, and hearts. Why hate one another when we could live in peace?

And if you want to know how a Hmong look like... I will tell you...look at a Asian, any Asian, and that is how a Hmong will look like, it's just they speak a different language and they all look alike you won't be able to tell the difference at all...but if you really do know a Hmong, I congratulate you! Not a lot of people know about Hmong... ^_^

Thanks for reading this, and please, read on...just don't be bored okay? I didn't write this to bore people...

By the way, you need to know at least a little bit of history in order to understand this... cause this also deals with the Vietnam War, after all, it is because of the Vietnam War that we are here...so I hope you know your history well enough...^^;;