Title: 2 Hearts
Author(s): Yisa
Rated: PG13
Main Characters:
Mint Katsuie (18)
Sera Takamae (19)
Michelle Satosu (19)
Amy Fuukuma (18)

Valerine Kuyume (18)
Valerane Satomiki (18)
Aric Makkuni (19)
Alan Katsuie (18)

Valerine Kuyume and Valerane Satomiki have been best since ever since they met in the first grade and found out they look every much alike…and their names were almost identical. Ever since then, they have made their way through elementary school, breaking hearts and causing trouble whenever they were together. Now as young men, they were even more handsome and heartbreaking, and were breaking hearts twice as fast. Now it is time for Fate to repay them both back in full and it is time for their hearts to break…

Mint had just moved back into Japan after being gone for nearly ten years at the young age of eight. Mint had never forgotten the small promise she made to Valerane—or was it Valerine? She is faced with two very heartbreaking young men, and one of them was her childhood sweetheart. Now, she must decide which one is the imposter—and which one did she make her promise to…

Valerine remembers the little girl he had fallen in love with when he was young. He has never forgotten the promise she made. But Valerane also remembers Mint, the innocent little girl he had kissed—and had fallen in love with instantly. Now they both must convince her—which one is the imposter and which one is the real one—even if it meant going against each other.

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