"Mom! Did you go through my story again?!"

Mrs. Kuyume winced as the young man came through the door. He was wearing a plain white tee shirt and pants that looked like they have been in the washer too long. His dark green eyes studied hers with a frown on his face and the bangs hiding most of his features. His hair was longer than usual, a bit past the shoulder, but he wore it so carelessly that it actually made him look younger, and more mature.

"Did you?" He sounded mad, but amused at the same time.

"Yes, Valerine," Mrs. Kuyume grinned sheepishly at her. "Your Aunt wanted to read it, and your computer was just sitting there with the story out. We couldn't help ourselves."

Valerine rolled his eyes, "I suppose…."

"But it's very good!" Mrs. Kuyume added, "I really like her. She seems like someone who can hold her turf."

Valerine nodded, and seated himself down by the kitchen table. "I remembered a girl who was like her."

Mrs. Kuyume, in the process of putting putting the dishes away, froze. "A girl?"

"I don't remember her name though," Valerine didn't sound too worry. "But she is a tough girl and can take care of herself. I think she's perfect for the main character. It's exactly what the main character needs, someone who can beat the crap out of him."

She said nothing, but her fingers shook. She hid it behind her back as she glared at her one and only son. "Now now, you shouldn't try too hard. Remember what the doctor said, when your memories return, it will. It'll only hurt your brain if you try to remember too much at the same time."

"I know," Valerine grinned, "But her face just popped up, and it wasn't even Yuhiko's face this time."

"Any guy's face?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Nope, but then you told me I was a womanizer back then, so if only girls are popping into my head, that's all right."

"You don't…you don't remember her name?"

Valerine looked exasperated as he glared at his mom. "I told you already, I don't."

"Oh," she breathed a sigh of relief. God help her when Valerine regained his memories—if he ever did recuperate it—but for now, everything was in the clear.

She had her own reasons for wanting to move away, for keeping the news of his son's well being from everyone else. If and when Valerine remembers, there would be hell to pay. Hell, Mint and Valerane would probably be hurt beyond reason that she had lied to them, but she couldn't see any other way around it. Her own son might even hate her for taking him away, but she didn't care. As amother who had lost her husband early, and told that her son was in the ER in critical condition, she had her reasons.

The main one included not wantin to watch his son suffer again, and resort to racing as a means of running away. It was a miracle that he survived, even more so that he lost his memory. It might take months, even years for him to get it back, but at the moment, they were in Korea, and they were happy.

That was all she asked, for her son's happiness.

"Mom, are you listening to me?" Valerine waved his hands in front of her face.

"Sorry," she blinked and wiped her eyes. "Something stuck in my eye."

"Here, let me do it. You should be resting anyways," Valerine pushed his mom out of the way.

She laughed, pushing Valerine away. "It's a mother's job to cook for her son, Valerine."

"Well, I want to do it," Valerine seated her on the chair, "Besides; I wanted to run something by you. What happened if she lost her memory, she did to him, to make him fall in love with him, but he never did? Would that be a good thing, or a bad thing? I mean, it's better to forget the one you love if they don't love you in return right?"

His back was turned to her. Mrs. Kuyume wiped her blurred eyes. "Yes, honey. I think it's a very good thing. The best way to forget a love one is to start anew."

Valerine nodded. "I thought so. So if she started out fresh and doesn't even remember him, then she can fall in love with someone else, someone who will love her, right?" He turned around to face her.

"Of course," Her mother quickly wipe her eyes. "Start anew…."

"Are you okay, Mom?" Valerine kneeled down in front of her. "Why are you crying?"

"Happy tears, son," she laughed. "I'm just happy…and I hope you're happy too."

"Of course I am," Valerine squeezed her knee, "Com'on, teach me how to cook so I can impress your future daughter-in-law."

Mrs. Kuyume swapped his hand and chuckled. "I thought you were going to do it."

He winked at her, "I forget."

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