Summary: Ranko has always felt she never belonged. But could it be because she is not even human, but one of the wolf demons?

(REVISED-I changed some things because the original one wasn't all that good)


The sun was slowly setting, casting golden and orange beams of light down upon the small village. It was a quiet and happy village where everyone knew each other. This village was so far away from any other people inhabited places, in the middle of a forest clearing.

A lone figure walked into the woods. She had pale skin and dark raven hair. Ranko had always felt like she never belonged. While the people of the village were tan of skin and many had earth brown hair, Ranko was so different.

She was short for her age and her skin was pale and burned easily. Her hair was dark and wavy, always kept in a braided ponytail.

She tried her best to be accepted, talking to the other villagers, smiling happily at them, wishing they would allow her to join them. But they would all just send her a small smile from a distance before turning away.

The only kind person to Ranko was Sev, the monk who owned the shrine at the north end of town. He was kind, but hardly spoke.

Ranko had learned he had found her on a rainy evening with lightning that rippled across the sky. Because of that, he called her his 'little storm.' That was eleven years ago. Now, at the age of sixteen, Ranko was beginning to blossom into a young woman. She was a late bloomer, and was so short that she appeared twelve or thirteen.

Ranko continued walking until the foliage of the forests trees shadowed her small form. She pushed aside some bushes until she came upon an egg shaped lake. It was beautiful and reflected the dimming sky so high above. Smiling, Ranko sat down at the bank.

She loved the night. It was a soothing time when no one sent strange looks at her. Her only companion was the milky moon and the occasional warbling bird at its nightsong.

She dipped her fingers into the glistening surface of the water, rippling her reflection. She smiled down and as returned with her own smiling face.

"Why am I so different that they cannot accept me?" she whispered to herself.

Ranko failed to notice the amber eyes glowing behind some bushes on the opposite side of the lake as they watched her with interest.

Well...I changed a few things (like the transition from fantasy to manga) but this is something I don't update unless I really feel like it. I don't think this is that good anyway.