This poem is dedicated to the non-believers. We love you all, and so does He, whether you know it or not.
And maybe you don't want to be loved by a non-existant God. But that's okay. He doesn't mind.


Twenty Ways To Prove God's Love In The End

I'll take your anger
I'll take your stories
I'll take the hatred
And the loss of glory

I'll take your rage
I'll take your pain
I'll take what you said
I deserved anyway

I'll take what you meant
About the cuts on your wrist
I'll take your accusement
That I don't exist

I'll take all the promises
You thought I had broken
I'll take all your screams
And your hate left unspoken

I'll take all your sorrow
When the light never came
I'll take all your darkness
And I'll take all the blame

I'll take your confusion
I'll take your despair
I'll take what you thought
About my not being there

I'll take all the times
You thought you would die
I'll take all the tears
That fell from your eyes

I'll take all the wars
You thought I never won
I'll take all the blood spilled
When they killed my son

I'll take all of these things
That you meant on the rack
I'll take all these things you gave me
And I'll never give them back.

If you thought this poem was stupid and didn't "prove" anything, please refer to the second chapter. There I will explain all: or at least use a lot of words to explain why I can't explain anything.

If this affected you in any way, please show it to others who might find a grain of interest or truth in it. Or, you can challenge it by e-mailing me here: animagess
A friendly debate is always more open-minded and interesting than jabbing at eachother's beliefs and then running away screaming 'You're wrong and always will be!"

I wrote the poem, but the inspiration is credited to The Big Guy.