Hey ya'll I'd like to thank everyone who read my haiku! Thanks so much! I'm
glad you liked it but anyway I was just sitting here and I thought of this
and I wrote it in like 2 minutes so. go easy on it! LOL thanks! Please

I look at this face in the mirror
Wondering what's wrong
Why don't people see me?
Why don't I belong?
They don't notice me
They don't say hi
So why am I living
Why don't I just die?
I'm so sick of this
That I could just spit
They act like they're better
They think they're so cool
Why do they do this?
I ask myself as I sit on this stool
The face in the mirror
Stares back at me
I don't know what's wrong
Why am I so ugly?
People laugh and point
When I do something wrong
When they think they're so cool
Just because they 'belong'
I hate being left out
I hate being a loner
But I'm not going to sit here and pout
Like I'm a low life stoner
No one can tell me what I am
I have to believe in myself
The face in the mirror stares back at me
I see some new found wealth
The face in the mirror brightens as it smiles
I finally see
That no one can tell me who I am
I make me.

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