All right. This is my first ever poem and I don't really think it is that overwhelmingly great so don't laugh. It was supposed to be sad, but u be the judge. I got this story in an e-mnail and It really touched you read it please review. I'm trying to get my name out too so if u like tell others. Thanx my peeps~


She was a happy girl

But that was before she was broken

Popular, Gorgeous, Talented too

But that was before she was broken

She had the hottest guy in school

But he broke her

They went to the best party in town

The night she was broken

Too bad he got drunk

The night she was broken

Too bad he tried to drive

The night she was broken

Blinding lights, screaming brakes and shattering glass

And she was broken

Blurry images, clamoring voices

The night after she was broken

In the hospital that night she asked the nurse to tell the other crash victims she was sorry

As her broken body lay immobile in bed

And all the nurse could do was cry because the other people had all died

That fateful shattered night

Those unfortunate people had been her parents

And it was then that she was truly broken.