Average Day: Marrin

"Jeremy Matheson's coming back."- Acara Hart

"Here, this is for you."

"For me?"

A nod.

"Thank you, you shouldn't have, what is it?"

"It's a bracelet with a small heart locket. I have the key to it, so when I see you again, you'll be able to see the other half of the present."

"The other half?"

A silent pause.

"I'm going to miss you,"

"You will?"

A chuckle, "Quit asking so many questions, yeah I will."

"Me too."

An embrace.

"I'll see you around Angel."

-Marrin Breeton-

The day started off just as any other day. I got up, groggily slipped into my navy school uniform, went downstairs to eat breakfast, washed my teeth and caught the train to school. No big deal, right? Boy, was I ever wrong.

I walked into the year ten corridor, it was still empty, just the way I liked it. I slowly began my tedious task of unloading my bag full of steroid induced textbooks into my puny locker when I suddenly heard a loud squeal. I turned and found myself hitting the floor with a blonde's arms wrapped around me in a warm embrace.

"Cara, how much caffeine did you drink this morning?" I muttered trying to stand back up.

My best friend giggled before getting off me, "Too much by the looks of things. But I have news for you."

I rolled my eyes, "That would explain why you're so early this morning."

Acara shrugged looking at me expectantly.

I could feel her blue eyes staring at me as I was trying to push my history book into my already crammed shelf, "What?" I said in frustration.

It was Acara's turn to roll her eyes, "Aren't you going to ask me what the big news is?"

Sighing, I opened my mouth to ask her but she interrupted me before I could say anything.

"Jeremy Matheson's coming back. Today. This afternoon in fact."

The books that I had been pushing into the top shelf of my locker fell on my head, "What?"

Acara giggled again then stopped as she noticed someone behind my shoulder. Her demeanor instantly changed and her smile drooped into a frown, "I'll talk to you later Marrin, I have to go do something," she said before leaving me to go into a nearby classroom.

"So what did the princess of St. Mad's prison want now?" a voice asked.

"Just leave it Kim," I answered, wincing. Acara and Kimmy never got along. Acara thought that Kimmy was a no hoper and a stoner slacker while Kimmy thought Acara was a bimbo with an I.Q of minus zero. It didn't help when Kimmy was found kissing Acara's boyfriend in year eight, fueling their little hatred for each other even more, and believe me, being stuck in the cross fire was no picnic at the park. They kept away from each other now.

"Jeremy Matheson huh?" Kimmy said, lifting a pierced eyebrow. "The playboy prince of the music charts. How do you know him?"

I shrugged, not really wanting to look back into my past but I knew I had to answer her or else she wouldn't leave me alone until I did. I opted to tell her the condensed version of my former friendship with Jeremy.

"I went to primary school with him, that's all." I said finally done unpacking. I gave Kim a quick wave and walked off to class just as the bell rang.

So much for it being a normal day at St Madelene Catholic girls' (as we nicknamed it 'St Mad's Prison'). The gossip networks were sure going to have a field day.

"Go them," I said under my breath as I sat down onto my usual second row seat for my math class. Putting on my glasses, I tried to listen to what my teacher was explaining, however; it wasn't long until my already low concentration level was broken.

"Hey, Marrin," someone whispered from behind. There goes everything that I learnt in the past fifteen minutes.

Well wasn't I the popular one today? I ignored the person who was trying to communicate with me when all of a sudden a sharp tug on my ponytail caused me to eep, not yell, scream or squeal but eep.

My teacher snapped around and gave me a cold hard look, "Ms Breeton, I have not heard a word from you all year and when you do decide to grace us with your mouth you make squeaking noises instead of proper speech. Now do you need to see the councilor or would you like me to continue on with my class without any other unnecessary disruptions from you?" She turned back around to her beloved blackboard.

She didn't even give me time to answer back, that heartless witch. I glared at her, feeling my face burn.

"Marrin," the voice whispered again.

I slashed around in my seat giving the girl who sat behind me, and no doubt pulled my hair, the biggest death look I had perfected over the years.

"What ?" I snapped. Loud enough to let the girl know how mad I was but not too loud to let the witch of a math teacher know I was talking.

The girl just stammered, not predicting that I would lash out at her like that. Well boo-hoo to the girl. She shouldn't have touched my hair in the first place. I gave her another withering look and turned my head back towards the front with a satisfied smirk. At least now she wouldn't be bothering me for the rest of the year.

By third period I had more than twenty girls asking me questions about Prince Jeremy and I had just about enough as I could take. Why couldn't they just leave me alone? Yes I knew Jeremy-as in past tense, no I didn't talk to him now, and no I didn't have his freakin' number! What the hell?

The day could not have sucked more even if I tried…and do you know what? I'd be eating those words because somehow it did.

"You know Jeremy, don't you?"

I gritted my teeth counting from ten to zero before answering, "No."

Monday afternoon and I was stuck in detention because I was caught swearing during my Religious Education class. Excuse me, but if it hadn't been for the other girls talking to me about Jeremy, then I wouldn't have had to yell at them to shut the hell up.

"I guess you wouldn't, I mean, look at you." The voice replied back in a rather arrogant manner.

Wow, a challenge, how interesting. I looked up from the magazine I had sneaked in and found myself staring at Krystal Halling, spelt with a 'K' and not a 'C' because it somehow made her feel higher than everyone else, go figure. I often wondered if her last name was spelt with an 'e' instead of an 'a' because goodness only knows, it suited her well.

Like any other stuck up but pretty girl in our school, she was part of the 'it' crowd, in fact, she was the head of the pack. The worse kind if you ask me. She was bitchy to everyone for no reason, unlike yours truly who actually has a reason to be bitchy about, and was a major pain up the ass to practically anyone and everyone who weren't part of her group. She showed a particular interest in that field for me. How lucky am I?

I told her to kindly remove her annoying presence away from me, well more or less in those words anyway, but the girl did not let up, she just stood there sneering at me.

"Do you know what?" she said venomously. Think snake.

"No," I repeated the word again, trying very hard to ignore her while also trying to see how fast I could get her pissed off at me and away from my desk. My record was five seconds flat when I had made one of the girls in her group cry. Hey, was it my fault that her dog died the very same morning I accused her of being an animal killer because of all the make up she wore?

Krystal's face grew red with anger or was it because she was wearing too much blush? I just did not know these days.

"I don't know what Cara sees in you," she shot back haughtily, turning around and returning to her seat at the back of the classroom with her nose stuck up high in the air.

Wow, like that really hurt.

"It must be my irresistible charm," I muttered to myself amusingly.

It was true that Acara was one of the most liked girls in the school. She was part of the 'it' crowd but associated with everyone else: nerds, Goths, slackers, stoners, you name it. Aside from Kim, she had no enemies and everybody adored her. She was all round perfect. Perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect grades (even though Kim insists that she's a complete bimbo), perfect family, perfect personality. Everything about her was too damn perfect.

Spiteful? Yeah, I was because she was everything that I wasn't. She was like the teen poster girl for 'This-is-what-you're-life-is-meant-to-be' while I was like the teen trash of everything that you should never be.

Okay, I know I'm being a little melodramatic, so sue me. It just irritates the shit out of me that the one person could be so…well, perfect. She has no flaws, except for burping out loud but you can't really resent a person for something like that, now could you?

As much as that girl bugged me, I gottta admit, she's been the absolute best. We've been best of friends since the very first day of primary school. Back when I had been the happy cheerful one and she'd been the shy quiet one. There I was with practically the whole classroom wanting to be my friend while she had been sitting by herself cuddling her worn out teddy all scared and frightened. I walked right in front of her and asked if she wanted to be my friend and the rest is history.

We've weathered so many perils, some good, and some bad. It wasn't until year seven, the year when we had entered high school that our friendship sort of faltered. The 'it' clique accepted her and I detested them all.

We stopped talking for the whole year after a huge blow out in the middle of the corridor, and that's how I met Kimmy. She was there for me when Acara hadn't been but then in year eight; Acara and I were in the same classes and we were paired up most of the time. We had no choice but to sort things out and I'm glad we did because I didn't realize how much I missed her until the day we started talking and joking around again.

It was my fault I guess, the fight between Acara and me. I was so surprised when she came up to me one afternoon when I had been hiding out in a secluded spot on the school grounds because Kimmy had been sick the whole week. She walked towards me, sat down and said, "Marrin, I know that the past year has been crap for us, but I'm not going to give up on you or our friendship." And by those few words we were in talking terms then eventually best friends once again, much to Kimmy's displeasure.

Sighing, my attention focused back on the magazine I was currently flipping through. The glossy pages practically screamed out 'Overly done chick magazine that killed many thousands of trees'.

I was about to give up hope in finding a remotely interesting article that didn't involve worthless diets and teen sex when a double paged poster caught my eye.

Jeremy Matheson.

Damn him! It was all his fault that my day turned out like this. His smiling double-paged face taunted me. It was time for revenge. I took out my black marker and started to draw on his faultless face.

I laughed out loud once I had finished experimenting with his appearance. It was definitely an improvement though. I mean, who wanted a computer-generated Jeremy anyway? What I had was much better, not to mention simply amusing. It was certainly a look to die of not for! And to think, it only took me a few seconds to complete his new look, I bet it took him far longer than that to get his picture done. I could so see myself as a make-up artist in the near future.

I fought the urge of laughing again but steadied myself, slapping the magazine closed so that I wouldn't have to look at the cross-eyed, one eye browed, and tooth missing Jeremy that I had created with my black marker. At least the afternoon wasn't totally wasted.

I looked up at the clock finding that I had a few more minutes until detention finished. I put my head down on the desk and stared out of the window. It was a horrible winter's day. Just the way I liked it.

After a few moments, my thoughts somehow drifted back to Jeremy. I couldn't believe he was coming back. It was as if he had been dead for four years then came back to the land of the living again. Sure I had seen him on television and magazines, who didn't? But knowing that he was actually going to be back in the same city made him become even more real.

I opened the page back to his poster lift-out and just stared. Sad, I know, but I couldn't help it. I was about to close the damn thing shut again when something around Jeremy's neck caught my eye.

Wow. He kept that after all these years. A silver necklace with a key, I thought he trashed it a long time ago. I sure did, along with the rest of those awful memories of that summer.

Feeling my eyes starting to well up, I quickly closed the stupid magazine and threw it onto the floor. Sighing, I made my thoughts wander to something else that didn't involve my horrible past like my horrible present.

My dad wanted me to go with him to the airport to pick up his girlfriend. Like I'd really be looking forward to that tonight. Cringing, I got up from my desk and walked out of the school…ahem 'prison'… gates, finally finishing my detention. Out of one hell hole and into another, I mused.

It seemed that today had been one big fuck up after another, so much for it being an average day.


Hey, I know a few of you will be a little mixed up with how the schooling system works in the story (based in AustraliaMelbourne) so I'll explain!

Okay, well, in Australia, Primary School goes from grade prep to six. After graduating from primary school we enter high school, which is from year 7 to until year 10 or go on until year 12 (when you're in year 10, you can decide if whether or not to continue on with year 11 and 12).

As you know, the main female characters of this story go to an all girls' Catholic school while the main male characters (further on the story) go to a grammar school, which is richer and co-ed.

Okay, now to explain the school hierarchy. It goes from public high schools (co-ed, casual dress) to private schools (more expensive, uniforms worn) to grammar schools (really rich and exclusive schools, mostly co-ed, uniforms worn). Don't get the wrong idea here, some of the descriptions I've given can differ but for the purpose of my story, I've simplified it!

Well I hope that cleared any questions or mix-ups that you have!

Thanks for reading my story, I hope you all enjoyed it!


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