Through the Grapevine: SleepingAngel

"Did I hear someone say party? Hell, count me in!" – Mack Kerson

"Marrin? Why the hell would anyone want to have Marrin's number?" – Krystal Halling

It had been a fortnight since she last saw Jeremy and Marrin was getting worried. There was just no way Jeremy could have known her name and not put two and two together—unless he really was that dense, either way Marrin was not taking any chances.

She no longer stayed at the oak tree in fear of finding Jeremy there again. She left school straight away—running to the train stop just in time to catch it before it left the platform. At home, she kept to herself, locking her door until dinner. Even at school she isolated everyone—including Kim and Acara. She knew she was upsetting many people, her dad especially, but right now, being alone was good enough for Marrin.

There were so many things happening in her life and all she wanted to do was go to her mother and cry, to have things back to the way they were, but she knew she couldn't have any of it and that made her even more hurt and afraid.

Many times she was called in by the school counselor and many times she declined the invitation to see her. Marrin didn't want to talk if she wanted to talk then she would, but she just didn't want to. Talking would lead her nowhere and nowhere was where she did not want to be. She wanted to be somewhere—somewhere safe and familiar.

Alone in her room, she stared outside of her window into the night sky. Friday night and she was once again locked up in her room. Her dad and Marissa had gone earlier to catch a movie; they had invited her of course but Marrin apologized and rejected the offer, saying she had some unknown homework to do—which wasn't a total lie.

Her grades had been slipping, she had her good years and bad ones, unfortunately for her, this year happened to be a bad one. She had neglected homework and assignments and tests that came along with it. In fact, Marrin was sure if she didn't get her head around all her work, she would be sure to fail year ten. Her mother would have been disappointed with her and so she decided to finally do the pile of papers that had collected dust over the weeks.

Shaking her head, Marrin focused at the task in hand—English. One of her favorite subjects and the only subject she hadn't been failing. Her essay was a creative piece about her ideal world and what it would include. Marrin smiled a small smile—finally something she was actually going to enjoy. She booted up her computer and began to type, the words flowing from her mind onto the screen. Her ideal world…if only it was her reality.

In the background, music played from her radio, and as Marrin typed on her keyboard vigorously the sound of a lone guitar filled her room—and then a voice, a sweet young voice that made the raven haired girl's fingers stop moving.

Life goes on, things will change,

But one thing I know will always remain the same,

You and me, together forever and a day,

Baby, it will always be that way.

It was Jeremy's first hit back when he had been fifteen. She had been so excited the first time she had heard it, she just knew that the song was a special message from him to her and it somehow made up for all the unanswered letters she wrote to him.

Marrin rolled her eyes and quickly switched her radio off before the song could hit its climax with the chorus—she had memorized the song and it had been like her lullaby, helping her through sleepless nights when she had been younger. Entitled Forever and a Day she had been naive enough to believe in the lyrics, that things didn't change. Little did she know.

Sighing, Marrin once again looked out into the cloudy dark skies, distracted. She knew that Jeremy's career allowed him little or no time to do anything. He was always in and out of hotel rooms, interviews in television and radio as well as his concert tour around the States and everywhere else, but to not reply back to his best friend? It was unforgivable!

Even if he had just replied back to at least one of her letters—it didn't even have to be an especially long one. It could have been just one word. But no. He never answered her. It had shattered Marrin more than what she was willing to admit to anyone, including herself.

She went on years without him—she didn't need him anymore, not then, not now, not ever. She continued typing in silence.

My Ideal World

By: Marrin A. Breeton

My ideal world would NOT include the likes of Jeremy Matheson, but instead people like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom—real stars, who, which I may add, will become the Kings of my ideal world, with me as their Queen of course. I will have, in my ideal world, endless blue skies, where life is a constant beach—carefree, breezy—a paradise on earth.

Scratch all that—I'm only kidding, well not about the Jeremy Matheson part, but everything else.

In all seriousness, my ideal world would be a place where war, poverty and famine never existed—as cliché as that sounds. A world where no one ever has to suffer and things would always remain the same. My world would be a place where my mother and sister are still alive and my father and I would no longer be so alone. In my world no one would ever feel sadness or hurt. No one would ever have to say goodbye. Changes would be an unnatural phenomenon.

In my ideal world, I would not be failing my classes; I would not be so selfish as to push everyone who cares away from me. Instead, I would be the ideal girl that everyone wants me to be—the girl I once was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my ideal world for me is to have it as a reality.

But I can't, so I guess I should stick with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

Grade: A

What an incredibly beautiful piece Marrin. I have always been a fan of your writing, but this essay especially. Your honesty shines through this writing, and I'm not sure you realize that it shines through you as well.

Mrs. Allen

Jeremy smiled politely at the group of girls gathered before him. Two weeks at his new school and already he had been inducted into the school's most popular crowd, but then again it was not as if Jeremy was surprised. Even if he hadn't been well known before hand, he would have been, in association to Adam who proved to be quite the rival with the ladies.

Jeremy hadn't realized just how well loved and respected his cousin was at school. The teachers adored him, the girls worshipped the ground he walked on and the guys who weren't jealous of him, looked up to him. What was more fascinating was that Adam actually went out of his way to talk and be nice to everyone. He was a celebrity in his own right.

"So Jer, can I call you that? Do you need someone to show you around?" the auburn haired girl asked him, giving him a suggestive smile.

Jeremy tried to answer but was interrupted by another offer and yet another suggestive hand on his arm and a flirtatious flick of the hair. If he hadn't been in such a hurry to get to class, he would have been flattered enough to actually say yes to their invitations, but he was in a hurry and he was sure his Health teacher wouldn't appreciate him being late again.

He gave them all a rueful smile and started to walk away. Once they were out of sight, he made a run for his next class.

"You made it," Adam remarked as Jeremy huffed into the seat next to him.

Their teacher soon entered and lifted up an eyebrow towards Jeremy's way.

"I was late for one class and already I'm in her bad books," Jeremy muttered.

Adam chuckled and opened a binder, "So listen, I was thinking of throwing a party or something this weekend. We need a good party."

Jeremy grinned; he could certainly do with a party too. He never knew how hard real school was—the amount of work he received at school for a week was the same amount he got in a year from his tutor when he had been traveling around the StatesLuckily Jeremy was a quick learner or else he would have failed even before he stepped into the school grounds.

"Yeah, it could be like a late-welcome-to-Australia-party for Jeremy!" Mandy chirped in. Mandy was Adam's oldest friend and had also become close to Jeremy the day they had met at the park, where he found Angel.

Jeremy's stomach gave an unexpected lurch at the thought of Bambi girl. He still couldn't believe that the feisty girl he had met at the park and at the airport was his childhood friend. Surely she should have known who he was yet she went on as if she didn't know him and even fought with him—twice. Her reaction towards him was certainly strange.

He would have liked to get things straightened out right away if it hadn't been for school. All the tests and assignments Jeremy acquired during the couple of weeks had taken a toll on his free time. Plus Adam and his friends had been showing him around the city everyday.

"Did I hear someone say party? Hell, count me in!" Mack joined. The big burly guy who sat in front of Mandy high-fived Adam.

However, Mack's outburst prompted their teacher to give them a warning glare to which was received by an all-sorry-faced Adam. The teacher smiled at him and all was forgiven.

Jeremy shook his head, keeping in his laugh.

Maybe this party would be his chance to finally get some answers from Angel. One thing had bothered Jeremy since he found out who she was, apart from her total personality change, and that was why she had let herself be called by her second name—Marrin.

It just didn't make any sense, unless Bambi girl really wasn't Angel. Either way, Jeremy wanted to know more about the girl or if she was actually Angel, as his instincts told him so, what had happened to her during their lost years apart to make her become the way that she was now.

Mandy turned in her seat and smiled, "Let's plan this!"

And so the four of them began to plan what would become one of the biggest events of the year. By the end of the day word had gotten round. The party would be to celebrate Jeremy's homecoming and would be held at Mack's mansion the following weekend.

Jeremy noticed that the kids at his new school were filthy rich and that was putting it mildly—their parents all came from the higher class of society, they were all literally rolling in cash. There were a few exceptions though, Adam being one of them, he had gotten in purely by brains.

"It pays to have rich friends," Adam had said jokingly when Mack offered to use his mansion as the venue.

"Let's invite other people from other schools too," Mandy had added excitedly. That's when Jeremy noticed Adam's full fledged smile.

"Cool, cause I have a girl in mind."

When his cousin was determined in getting something—he always got it in the end and that's why Jeremy wasn't that all shocked to find out, only a day later mind you, that Adam was able to get Marrin's home number through a contact at her school. Jeremy marveled at how quick his cousin could be and even verbalized his amazement.

"Shit, that was freaking quick dude, you sure have connections," he said as he snatched the scrap piece of paper away from his cousin. He looked at the numbers and itched to phone and talk to the girl on the other line.

"I know," Adam replied smugly, snatching his handiwork back. He then got out his cell phone and began dialing the numbers written down on the paper.

"Are you crazy?" Jeremy jumped, taking Adam's cell away from him. One thing about his cousin—he was confident to the point of being arrogant. "You met this girl once at a park, what makes you think she's actually going to say yes to go to some random party?"

Adam stared at Jeremy and with a defeated sigh agreed to his reasoning. "I'll just get the girl I got her phone number from to persuade her in going. And at the party I'll sweep her off her feet."

Jeremy shook his head dubiously, "Do you even remember her name?"

"Duh—Marrin, wouldn't want to forget a name like that."

Jeremy silently agreed with his cousin.

Acara stared at the small photograph from inside her locker door and stared at it. Little Marrin, Acara and Jeremy back in the day. How she missed those days. How she missed having Marrin around.

They hardly talked anymore, ever since she had confronted Marrin at the library the raven haired girl started to completely ignore her. What was even more peculiar was that Marrin didn't speak to Kim either. She kept to herself and Acara was getting worried, it was like a repeat of year seven. She couldn't handle not talking to Marrin again—the first time around was painful enough.

Acara closed her locker with a wistful smile and walked towards the lunch room. She entered the noisy table area and then headed to her normal table where Krystal and the other girls sat. She looked around the room just in case Marrin was there—no such luck. Sighing Acara sat down and began to chew on her chocolate bar.

"Hey Cara, do you know an Adam from Emworth Grammar?" Lisa asked her.

Acara shook her head and continued chewing.

"Because this girl in my class was talking about how her brother's best friend—who is this Adam person—was asking about Marrin and he wanted her number and everything," continued Lisa in her usual ditsy tone.

Krystal lifted a perfectly plucked eyebrow, "Marrin? Why the hell would anyone want to have Marrin's number?"

Acara gave her a pointed look to which Krystal shrugged back.

"I dunno, but Geraldine—the girl in my class—said that Adam is like a total hottie and he even asked for her to convince Marrin to go to the party the Emworth kids are throwing."

Krystal's eyes bulged while Acara gave a puzzled look.

"You mean the same party we're going to this weekend?" Krystal screeched.

Lisa quickly shut her mouth and nodded at her leader's disapproval of what she had just said. Acara wanted to laugh at Krystal's face but held it back. Marrin being chased by a guy, an Emworth guy too, this was definitely getting more interesting.

Acara excused herself and left for the table in search for Marrin.

Maybe the party was exactly what Marrin needed to keep her mind off things. Acara winced at how far fetched that idea was and her steps faltered. She decided to go and find Geraldine instead.

"Yeah, Adam Edwards asked me for her number so I gave it to him. Then he rings me last night and practically orders me to make sure Marrin is going," Geraldine babbled to Acara at the outside benches.

Acara narrowed her eyes, "How does this Adam know her?"

Geraldine played with a braid, "I'm not sure actually but I do know his cousins with Jeremy Matheson—you know the guy who sang—"

Acara nodded.

"Well anyway, I thought maybe he asked Adam to get her number seeing how Marrin and Jeremy used to friends and all." Geraldine paused for a second. "Hey, I know, Cara why don't you talk to Marrin? I mean Marrin and I aren't even that close so maybe you can talk her into it. You'd be doing me and Adam a huge favor!"

Acara began to think. Jeremy was going to be at the party, if she got the two together then maybe just maybe, Marrin would be able to tell Jeremy what had happened and perhaps Jeremy might be the one to help her deal with everything.

Jeremy and Marrin had always shared a deep connection that went beyond just childhood friends. Jeremy always knew what to do with Marrin when she was sad. Despite the hurt Acara felt that she could not fill the void of Jeremy's presence—she knew that Jeremy might be the one to finally heal Marrin.

It was going to take one hell of an effort to get Marrin to agree to go within two days but Acara was prepared to do anything to get her best friend back to normal. Even if it meant Marrin getting pissed off at her for the rest of her life for pulling a stunt like this.

She smiled at Geraldine, "Leave it to me."

Marrin looked at her phone as if it had finally grew some ears of it's own, "What?"

"Yeah, well I think it would be a fun idea—"

"You're crazy," Marrin frowned.

"Marrin, if I don't go, I'll never be able to meet this Adam guy and I could be missing out on the man of my dreams," whined Acara.

Marrin heaved a sigh.

"Plus, we haven't hung out for a while. You know how sorry I am about what I said at the library, right?" Acara said in all seriousness.

"Yeah, I know. Look Cara, I'm sorry I haven't been a good friend to you over the past few weeks, had other things on my mind," replied Marrin.

Acara could practically see Marrin beginning to crumble, "All will be forgiven if you come with me just this once—please?"

"That's emotional blackmail and anyway, I don't see why you need me around, you'll have much more fun with Krystal and all the others."

"Marrin please?" Acara repeated crossing her fingers and shutting her eyes. This was going to be a long shot.

There was a silence for a full minute.

"Fine, but under three conditions."

Acara opened her eyes and squealed, "You name it."

"We're staying only for an hour,"

"An hour only but that's not—okay done."

"And you don't try to give me a makeover or whatever before hand," Marrin listed.

"Agreed. And the third?"

"If Jeremy Matheson is there I'm gone and I swear I will never speak to you again."

Acara's heart fell, Marrin was on to her. "That counts as two!"

"Cara," Marrin said in her warning tone.

In a small voice Acara sealed her fate, "Deal.


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